Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tastes On Second Base: University Teacher Breastfeeds in Class

     Each week April at Mama on a Green Mission and Courtney at Joy of Momma Joyner are hosting a fun post around breastfeeding.  So I am going to try my best to link up weekly with them.  Each week will be a different breastfeeding topic.  This week the topic is University Teacher Breastfeeds in Class.

     You have probably heard in the news about the University Teacher that took her sick baby to work and was breastfeeding her during one of her classes.  The teacher is a single mom and didn't have any child care options for her sick child.  She didn't want to miss the first day of class so she took her baby with her.  And when the baby became upset the mom did what most moms would do to soothe their sick and fussy child she began to breastfeed her.  Now there is a whole controversy about what she did and if it is appropriate or not.

     So in reflecting on what happened I think about how I feel on the topic.  Well to start with I don't think she should have taken her child to work sick.  I understand that she is a single mom and that child care options for a sick child are not easy to come by.  But she is a University Teacher and I'm sure she has the ability to take a sick day.  Bringing a sick child to work is bad for both the child and the students.  A sick child belongs at home where he or she can get some rest and recover.  Being at the University exposes her to more germs and could potentially make her illness worse.  Plus it exposes everyone else to what she has.  That is not just inappropriate, but rude.

     Now reflecting on the breastfeeding during class time.  I am a breastfeeding mom and I advocate for moms to be able to breastfeed.  I think that a workplace should provide moms a comfortable place and time to pump for their babies when at work.  If the mom is allowed to bring their child to work, then they should also have time and a place to breastfeed.  I also believe that moms have the right to breastfeed in public.  But with that all being said I don't agree with this mom breastfeeding in the classroom.  Its not about exposing herself or anything.  I just don't think that she should scoop up her child and start breastfeeding in the middle of a lecture.  I believe that she should be feeding her baby during her break time, not during a lecture.  I also feel like it is kind of unprofessional to do so during her lecture.  She is being paid to teach students and by grabbing up her child and breastfeeding for most of that lecture time it takes away from what she is supposed to be doing at the time.

     I don't blame her and likely any mom would do something similar to soothe their sick child, but there are other options.  Sure as a breastfeeding mom I'd love a job that I can take my child with me and I could breastfeed on demand while working, but that is just not an option.  Employers pay you to do a job and when  you are doing something else during that paid time then your not doing that job.  I don't think the child should have been there in the first place.

     How do you feel about this topic? If your inspired and would like to join this weekly post or even if just this time please feel free to write it up on your blog and link up below.  Also, follow the linky to check out how some fellow bloggers felt about this topic.

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