Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All For Baby Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker Review

     When I was pregnant with Jayden I said I was going to make his baby food because I knew it would be better for him then the jared with preservatives.  And I did make some of his food, but honestly not much.  It was just time consuming and not easy.  I had to make the food, then puree it, then store it.  I did it a few times, but I am just not a cook.  So this time around I really wanted to do better with making Evan his food.  But I knew I needed a better way to do it.  I realize now that with Jayden I didn't have the right equipment.  This time I am happy to say I have the right equipment and I'm excited to use it too.  That coming from someone that really doesn't like to cook!

     Some of the reasons I want to make my own baby food and you should too...

*    Cost Savings ~ I can save so much money when I make my own instead of buying all those little jars and pouches.  I can save about 50%.
*     Wholesome Alternatives ~ I can limit the preservatives and additives by making my own.  When making your one baby food it is better for baby.
*     Environmentally safe ~ By making my own baby food I will eliminate the waste of all those little jars, pouches, and the packing materials.  OK, so I am only one person and this is minor, but if more people do it then it adds up fast.
*     Personal Pride ~  I am not one to really cook much, but by making my baby his own food I will feel good about giving him the right start myself.  Knowing I am providing this for him is priceless.

     I received the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker to review.  This machine really is an all in one baby food maker.  It allows you to steam and blend the food all in one bowl.  This is the only system that cooks in a one-step process.  All you have to do is add your ingredients, set the machine, and walk away.  There are multiple cook times to choose from so you have control over how long ingredients are steamed. It also has manual blending options that allows you to choose the consistency of your baby food.  That means you can make the really smooth for first time eaters or chunky for older babies.  The Baby Brezza has multi-functions and you can steam only, steam and blend, blend only, reheat, and defrost.

     I pulled out the Baby Brezza to try it out.  I was very impressed with the small sleek design.  It is a perfect compact size.  I really like that there are only a couple of parts so less to lose track of, cause yes I do that often.  I decided to make Jayden some applesauce since baby boy is not yet ready for solids yet.  So I pulled out 2 apples and peeled them and cut them into small chunks.  I added the water to the Baby Brezza and then the cut up apples.  I did find that the instruction booklet said 160ml of water to the steam tank and the bowl is marked at 160ml, but it was marked at 180ml.  I am guessing they changed it to 180, but it was not changed in the booklet, but easy to figure out.  Once the water and the apples were added I put on the lid and put it in the machine.  At first it didn't work, but I didn't have it snapped into place correctly.  I readjusted the lid and locked it back in position.  Then I pressed the Steam and Blend with 15 minutes.  It steamed for the 15 minutes and immediately turned on to blend after steaming.  The blending was kind of loud and caught me off guard, but only took a minute or two and I had applesauce.  And it was really good.  I didn't add anything, just the apples and water.  So it was natural and tasty.

     The Baby Brezza comes with a few recipes to try and instructions on cooking/blending.  You can also purchase a cookbook with many other great recipes.  There are a few great accessories that can be purchased also.  Clean up is easy with just four parts and dishwasher safe.  The Baby Brezza makes a great baby shower gift too!  I'm giving one to a good friend that is pregnant now.  I know she will love it as much as I do.

  Arizona Mama

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  1. I loved making homemade food for my little ones...when they were little! Definitely saved money and was so much healthier! The one you have is so much nicer than the one I had years ago!

  2. I have been debating for a few months which baby food maker I wanted to try, since my little one will be eating solids soon. I really like the compact design of the babybrezza and the automation. I may give this one a try.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. I have made all of my girls food.... but it was time consuming and required washing lots of pots, steamer baskets, blender, etc when I was done. I am totally gonna look into this because it seems SO much easier. Thanks for the great review!