Thursday, October 4, 2012

All For Baby Puj Flyte Baby Bath Review

     Having one child bath time is easy, but having two at a range of ages is a little more difficult.  Jayden of course takes a bath in the bath tub, but Evan is too small for the tub so the sink is the best option for him.  When Jayden was born we bathed him in the kitchen sink, but that is difficult to bathe Evan in the kitchen sink while Jayden is in the bath tub.  So in the interest of time it is easier to bath Evan in the bathroom sink.  But the bathroom sink is smaller and needed something to help keep Evan safe.  That is where the Puj Flyte comes in.

     The Puj Flyte is a non slip infant bath.  It is made for 0-6 months.  This tub is small and perfect for small spaces and travel.   It helps to protect and cradles baby while you wash them up.  It is resistant to mold and mildew.  It is BPA, Formamide, and PVC free.  The design is simple and made for counter top and pedestal sinks.  And when your all done it folds up and can even hang for drying and storage.

     I used the puj flyte with Evan.  I actually put Jayden in the tub, washed him up, then bathed Evan while Jayden continued to play in the water.  It was great to get two things done at once.  Plus Jayden was occupied while I took care of Evan's needs.  When I laid the tub in the sink I was happy to see it fit perfect.  The sink spout easily filled the tub as Evan laid in it.  Evan was not so sure about the bath.  The height of being in the sink worked great.  It was nice to have everything so close and in reach.  I didn't have to bring a bunch of stuff out for his bath.  The tub itself fills up and has a little hole further up the side.  I would have liked an additional hole to release water lower down.  Evan was not too happy about all the extra water and I think it is easy for it to fill too much.  Plus when it came to dumping the water it was a little more difficult to maneuver, but I managed.  Overall, I like this tub and will continue to use it as Evan's bath tub while Jayden is in the bigger tub to help save time.

      I think the puj flyte is perfect for people that travel or have limited space.  It is really compact, easy to store and use.  I also think its great for anyone that wants to use the bathroom sink instead of the kitchen sink to bath their baby.

Arizona Mama

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  1. I like that it doesn't take up a whole lot of room since i have a small apartment. for my baby shower i got a tub for my baby boy that is huge (well compared to this one) and frankly i have no idea where i'm supposed to put it, since he is only 3 wks old i've been doing sponge baths but when i take it out of the box, i don't know where i'm supposed to put in between uses. I wish i had registered for this bath tub!