Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Boy Evan 2 Month Update

Typical Development from SmartMomma:

     Your baby is two months old! He is really starting to know you now and clearly prefers his parents. You may find that you are totally disarmed by his genuine, toothless grin. Moving beyond the simple black and white shapes, baby is more entertained by complex patterns and new textures. He is getting better at following moving objects with his eyes. The more sights he comes in contact with, the faster his brain develops.
Baby is cooing full time now and practicing other noises as well, along with his crying. Gassiness tends to hit babies in their first or second month, so be aware of the signs.

     Your little one is able to lift his head up to about 45 degrees now. His hands have started to unfold and his body is more relaxed and less prone to the jerky reflex movements of a newborn. He may be able to grip a rattle by himself and shake up a little beat.

     Baby has started to realize that crying gives him what he needs, but don’t worry. Experts believe that you can’t spoil a baby. Remember that crying is the only form of communication he has. If his needs aren’t met, he will protest. If he is crying for several hours a day, he may be colicky.

     Is your baby sleeping through the night yet? He’s probably doing better than last month at least. Many babies are able to sleep 5-6 hours nonstop at two months, which means many babies will still need one night feeding to keep them happy. His sleep cycles should extend from here.
Your baby is starting to show his personality. He may be constantly happy, fussy, or active. On the other hand, he may be a calm, laid back type. Every baby is different, so enjoy discovering what your baby is all about.

Medical:  Evan had his 2 month check up.  He is doing great.  Dr. Padrez checked him out and says he looks great.  Everything checked out good.  Evan was even smiling at the doctor as he checked him out.  But then  Evan had to get shots.  The doctor told me there was some kind of shortage on the DTP shot so he had to give him those shots individually.  So the nurse gave him those 3 shots and he received another shot and an oral vaccine.  Needless to say he was not a happy little boy.  He was cranky boy all day after that.  He didn't develop a fever or anything, but he was cranky and cried more then he usually does.  He would not let me put him down and even while holding him he would randomly cry.  But he made it through and was much happier today.  

Growth:  My baby boy is growing for sure.  He just seems to get bigger and bigger.  He has filled out so much.  At his doctors appointment today he weighted 11lbs. 14oz which puts him at 37%, his length was 23 3/4" which is 75%, and his head circumference is 15 1/2" which is 68%.  Like I said growing.. and Dr. Padrez called him long and lean.

Clothing Size:  Evan has gone out of newborn and is wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes.  I do have a couple of cute sleepers that I went to put on him and they don't fit.  I was sad since they were so cute, but just a tad to warm before.  Now that nights are cooler I wanted to try them, but they are too tight.  Oh well!  Time to pull out the little bigger cute stuff.

Eating:  He is still just getting breastmilk exclusively.  John did give him a bottle to see how he would do with using a bottle.  At first he was not sure about it, but when I realized that John was holding the bottle barely in his mouth I had him put it in further and Evan ate fine.  He was able to take just under 3 oz and was full.  After the bottle for the next feeding he went back to the breast easily with no problem.  This made me happy because of course I was worried about him preferring the bottle.  He hasn't gotten another since, but he will soon.  I have to go back to work in a week so he will get a few each day.  

Sleeping:  Evan is sleeping well.  He does prefer to sleep on me and when I put him down sometimes he does well and other times he wakes up.  When he wakes up he gets fussy and wants to be held.  He still sleeps better when he is swaddled during the day.  I have started putting him in his crib for naps.  I want him to be used to his crib and his room.  He is also awake more during the day and wants to play.  Nights he continues to sleep at least 4-5 hours and sometimes longer.  Usually he goes down in his crib and around midnight or just after he wakes to eat.  I lay him in bed with me to eat and we fall asleep together.  Sometime around 5 am or so he wakes to eat some more.  He then falls back to sleep, but not long since often big bother likes to come join us in bed and wake us up.

New Developments:  Evan has been smiling more lately and even letting out little giggles too.  He is still a serious child, but that makes the smiles that much sweeter.  He will play in his chair or on his playmat for longer periods of time.  He loves batting at the beaver and frog on his Gymini My Nature Pals playmat.

Likes:  He continues to like the changing table and being naked.  He gets so happy when I remove his diaper.  He starts kicking his legs and smiling so big.  It is too cute!  He loves to cuddle and be held of course.  He likes when Jayden talks to him.  He is also liking his Lamaze Pond Symphony crib soother since I have been putting him in his crib more.  And he likes his playmat and his 3 in 1 Rocker Napper.

Dislikes:  He still hates a wet or dirty diaper.  He will cry until the diaper is off and then comes the smiles.  He doesn't like to be set down for long either.  He does not like it when in the car seat and we stop for long. He is better about driving in the car, but doesn't want to stop.  He also seems to not like his Mamaroo chair much.  I will continue to try using his Mamaroo, but he won't stay in it long and then he cries.

Words:  No words yet, but lots of cooing and trying to talk.  Its so cute because he makes these noises and looks like he is trying to tell me something.  He moves his arms around and gets a little frustrated when he can't get his point across.  Sometimes his coos sound like words and Jayden laughs.  So far some of his coos have sounded like he has said, "mama", "Uh Oh", and "Yeah".  Jayden also thinks he speaks Spanish because he has said some things that sound like Spanish words.

Jayden's Thoughts:  Jayden continues to love his little brother.  He tells him everyday he loves him.  He is always checking on him.  Its so cute.  Jayden will talk to him when he cries and tells him things like, "its OK baby Evan.  What's wrong?  Your alright.  Don't be sad."  Also, when we are driving and Evan cries he tries to reassure him and tell him its OK and we will be home soon.  One of the things Jayden noticed right away after getting our new van is that he can't reach to hold Evan's hand.  He likes to hold his hand when driving.  Which I think is so cute, because when Jayden was a baby he used to hold my hand while driving.  I would have to reach back and hold his hand and he'd be alright.  Jayden begs to hold his brother all the time.  He loves to hold Evan's hand or feet.

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