Saturday, October 20, 2012

Neat Oh ZipBins Dinosaur Collector Toy Box and Playset


     One problem I have when it comes to toys for Jayden and now Evan is storage.  I want their toys to be accessible, but also put away neatly.  Its not always easy to get kids to put their toys away and when they are not always great with putting them in the same place so they can find them later.  Or at least that is the story with Jayden.  We are forever hunting down this or that because he just put it in the toy box, toy storage bins, or some other random place.  So when I find something that makes this easier I'm all for it.  Neat-Oh makes ZipBins that are great fun and functional toy boxes and playsets in one.

     I was recently sent the ZipBins Dinosaur Collector Toy Box and Playset.  The Zipbin is a zip up box that easily holds all your dinosaur toys (or anything you want) inside.  You can take your dinosaur collection with you wherever you go.  This box only weights two pounds and has sturdy sides and a lid.  When your ready to play it unzips flat to become a dinosaur playmat.  it comes with two toy dinosaurs that spark imaginative play and fun.  The Zipbin is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.  The bin itself measures 13.5 X 12 X 8 and when it lays out as a mat for play it measures 29 X 26.

     When we opened this up Jayden immediately began to play with the dinosaurs.  He had them stomping around along the mat.  He had a fun imaginative play going on.  I love watching as he uses his imagination to act out scenarios.  When he was done I showed him how to zip it up into the toy box.  He of course wanted to zip it, unzip it, and zip it again.  It zips up easily and with the lid makes storage easy.  There is plenty of room to add more dinosaurs as his collection grows.

     You might remember that I did a review of the Hot Wheels™ Impavido 1® ZipBin® RaceCase Backpack a little over a year.  Jayden still uses his RaceCase and keeps all his little cars inside of it.  He will drag it over to the sitters house sometimes and its perfect to hold all those cars and open up to play.  I expect he will be doing the same with the dinosaur zipbin.  ZipBins make great gifts for any child.  They have a variety of styles for boys and girls.

Buy it: Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Medium Play Set 

     Thank you to Neat-Oh! for sponsoring this review.  

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  1. That's a great product, something to make it easy for kids to put away toys is always welcome! my baby boy is little still but when he starts playing and being able to put away toys I'll definately get him this neat-oh zip bins, i love that they are not heavy so they can carry their toys in it to lets say grandma's house :)

  2. What a neat idea! I love keeping my daughters toys organized, so I need a girly one of these :)

  3. My youngest son would really love this. He would also love the Hot Wheels case, too. We have trouble finding places to put little toys, like Hot Wheels and Legos!