Monday, October 8, 2012

Vapur Quencher For Kids Review

     Vapur has recently launched a new line of anit-botttles for kids.  They are called Quenchers.  Vapur Quenchers are eco-friendly and eliminate the typical plastic bottles.  Anti-bottles are just that the alternative to using a plastic water bottle.  They are made from BPA polyethylene and nylon.  They are made 100% in the USA.  They are dishwasher safe.  You can fold, freeze, reuse, and attach them.  Each one holds up to 14 oz of water.

The Vapur Quenchers come in 4 different fun characters: Bo, Lolli, Fuse, and Splash.  Vapur Quenchers made hydration fun and easy for the kids.  Kids can personalize their quenchers with fun stickers.  Each quencher comes with 3 sheets of stickers to individualize these fun guys.  We received both Bo and Splash. Jayden had a great time decorating his quenchers.  He started by looking at all the stickers and picking out the eyes.  He added a mouth and a fun tie.  He wanted to decorate both of them at the same time.  So he had stickers from both packages.

     When we were done decorating the Vapur Quenchers we filled them with water t try them out.  Jayden loved seeing them go from flat to full.  Each one has a sport top and lid to make drinking easier.  They also have an attachable clip.  The clip is great for attaching to a diaper bag or any bag when out and about.  You don't have to make room in the bag as it can hang outside.  When your done using the quencher it can be folded up small to take up very little room.  I love this because having 2 children now means much more to carry while out.  The quenchers are fun and make drinking water more fun for kids.  And that is always good because I don't think kids drink enough water and that includes Jayden.  We have taken the Vapur Quenchers to the park.  Some other great places to use them are the zoo, pumpkin patch, and many other fun places.

 Buy it: Vapur Quencher Kids .4L Water Bottle  $11.99

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  1. These look real fun for little kids. my nieces would love the fact that they could put stickers on them! they are also good for them since they don't have all the dangers that the usual plastic sippy cups have. Another great brand that i learn about through a great review :) Thanks!

  2. I love that these are so compact and portable. And what fun with the stickers. Such cute characters, as well.