Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide HABA Discovery Set Round and Round

     I shared with you recently the HABA Pure Nature Magic Leaf Ball.  Evan is still loving this toy.  Now I want to share with you a little different side of HABA and the great items they have.  HABA began with colorfully polished building bricks in 1938.  They still have those bricks among their products today.  Although HABA has developed their wooden toys to a wider range of ideas.  They have the same principle applied to all their products and that is the loving attention to detail that makes their products heirloom quality.  This time I was sent an item from their wooden toys to try.


     I received the HABA Discovery Set Round and Round. This set really lends itself to using the imagination.  This set has 3 basic wheel chassis, 1 set of wheels, 2 effect balls, 1 spinning top, 6 color disks to stick on the spinning top, 8 barrels, and 1 ringing roll.  This set can be used in so many different ways that the imagination is the only limits.  Little ones love to watch as things more and roll.  The barrels, balls, and rotating disks allow for kids to dive right into the fascinating world of optics and discover impressive motion effects.  The colors dry the children's eyes in for more exploration.


     Jayden loves to watch things move and roll.  I really think he takes the time to study things and tries to figure out how they work.  I think this set can really help him to explore even more.  I really like that the set is open to the imagination and it is not an obvious car or something.  Children can make cars, but it doesn't have to be a car.  HABA only uses the best materials so the wood this set is made from is of top quality.  Jayden loved to stack them and see how they fit together.


     This set would make a great gift for any child on your list.  I am excited to see what Jayden does with this set and since it is labeled for 2 years plus it won't be long before Evan will be able to use his imagination to build and play with this set.

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  1. OMG i love haba and all they stand for providing kids with safe and natural toys! i love this set! great idea for a stocking gift!

  2. I love natural toys and especially well made wooden ones. I think with baby number three on the way these would be great!

  3. really cute! i like to get my daughter this

    - Stephanie J