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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The Mommy MD Guides Series (Pregnancy, First Year, & Toddler Year) Plus Giveaway

     Moms don't always have the answer, even if we want to think we do.  When we have questions and want to find answers there are so many places to look that it can be overwhelming.  Everyone has advice and it is all helpful to some people.  But for me I like to get my advice from those that have been there and done that. I choose to get advice from other moms and mostly my own mom.  I like to get information and opinions from multiple moms and put them together to help form my own ideas and opinions.  The Mommy MD Guides series pulls together great advice and ideas from multiple moms who are also doctors.  They share their owm personal experiences through pregnancy, the first year, and toddler years in the 3 book series.

       The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth: More than 900 tips that 60 doctors who are also mothers use during their own pregnancies and births.  This book follows pregnancy week by week.  Each chapter it covers baby's size, baby's latest development, mom's latest development, Justification for a celebration, and a few other topics that come up in pregnancy.  Also, throughout the book there are Rallie's Tips, When to call your Doctor or Midwife, Mommy time, and Mommy MD Guide Recommended Products.  Each of the topics have some advice, tips, tricks and/or experiences shared from doctors that are also moms.  The doctors share little stories about when they were pregnant and what they did in different situations.

   The Mommy MD Guides to Your Baby's First Year is the second book in the series and it follows the same type of format as the first.  It features move that 900 tips from 70 doctors who are also mothers.  The chapters are broken down by month and under each month there are likely topics that would come up that month.  But the way the book is written you could skip around if something comes up in your life and is not address in the same month.  Each chapter begins with your baby's development, taking care of you, and justification for a celebration.  Then it goes into individual topics per month.  Throughout the book there are Rallie's Tips where Rallie McAllister one of the authors of this book shares a personal experience and tip.  Another thing that is found throughout the book is Mommy MD Guides - Recommended product.  The book includes tips on challenges and celebrations through a child's first year.  Some of the challenging topics include breastfeeding, getting baby to sleep, coping with stress, and much more.

     The Mommy MD Guides to the Toddler Years is their most recent book in the series.  This book offers over 900 tips that 62 doctors shared from their experiences as moms to toddlers.  Some of the topics are watching your toddler grow, finger foods, table foods, transitioning to the cup, toddler proofing, dental health  and teething, potty training, helping your toddler become self-disciplined, choosing child care, getting your toddler to sleep, and much more.  Each chapter begins with a special section with information about a toddler's development, tips on taking better care of you, and a justification for a celebration.  Throughout the book you will find Rallie's Tips, When to Call Your Doctor, Recommended Products, and Mom My Time.  The book is really easy read and use just as the first two are.  It is easy to go right to the chapter with the information you need.  If your dealing with teething and want advice in that area then you can just turn to chapter 10.  The advice and stories are great for help and to just let you know your not alone.  A couple of my favorite recommended products that I like are signing time and boogie wipes.
     In addition to the books you can find some great information on their website.  Recently they have also began The Daddy MD Guides website.  These books would be a perfect gift for a new mom or even a seasoned mom.  They would be great individually or as a set.

Arizona Mama Holiday Gift Guide

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  1. The Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years: More than 900 tips that 62 doctors who are also mothers use during their own children’s toddler years.

  2. Bryan S. Wood, MD, is our resident Daddy MD Guide. He’s a father of 11 kids and an emergency physician.

  3. I learned that Mommy MD has a guide of the week

  4. Learned that the tips in the books are not just from doctor's but doctor's who are also mothers :)

  5. From Daddy MD I learned that they have their picks of books they recommend on their website :)

  6. I learned that their resident mommy md is Rallie McAllister,

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  7. I like that they recommend products.

  8. The Toddler Years includes tips from 62 'mommy' doctors.

  9. I learned that papaya can help relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

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  10. I learned that recharging your batteries with a bath is great. I have been trying to take one bath per week lately.

  11. The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth does exactly that. This thick volume of information is organized by week, like so many other pregnancy books, yet all throughout the information and advice is shared through the personal experiences of medical professionals from all areas of practice.
    Thanks for the chance!

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  12. I love that this is compiled from real doctors that are also moms too. Nice to have the professional and practical advice all in one.

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  13. I just read that it is true that men gain weight too during a pregnancy. Let;s hope that isn't true :)

  14. i learned they include more than 900 tips from doctors