Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elfcapades With Casey The Elf

      I told you about our visiting Elf Magic Elf Casey a couple weeks ago.  Well, during his stay he has been enjoying nightly elfcapades.  For the most part Casey is a good elf and only gets into minimal trouble, but sometimes he is mischievous.

Playing with Jayden's Firetruck

In the freezer eating the ice cream

Climbing on the TV

Reading books

Sleeping with Jayden

Decorating the tree with toilet paper

Drinking some coffee

Built a house of blocks

     Casey has been a buys little elf at night while we all sleep.  There were a few funny places he was found in the morning that I missed getting a photo like jumping on Jayden's trampoline, hanging from the curtains, and playing video games.  

     Jayden tells Casey every night when we put him on the counter with his crackers, ice water, and magic snow sprinkles he tells Casey to be good and not get in trouble.  Jayden also likes to take Casey to Nana's house everyday.  We have been having lots of fun with Casey in our home.  We will miss him when he has to go and help Santa deliver all those presents.  

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  1. These are cute ideas! I love the one of him toilet papering the tree :)