Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden

     Some of you may remember that I was writing weekly updates of Thursday's Thoughts with Jayden.  Jayden says so many funny things I thought it would be fun to share some some of them.  Often Jayden and I have our best conversations during our morning or evening commute.  Our time in the car is about an hour in the morning and just over an hour in the evening.  So we have plenty of time to talk.


On Monday home from work Jayden had my cup from QT.  It was empty so he pulled the straw out and began drumming on the top.
Me:  Sounds like a band
Jayden:  Yea we are gonna be a band
Me:  You are?
Jayden: Yea when baby Evan gets bigger we are gonna be a band.
Me:  What instrument are you gonna play?
Jayden: I'm gonna play the drum because I like the drums
Me: What instrument will baby Evan play?
Jayden:  He's gonna play the violin because he likes the Violin.

On Wednesday Driving into work Jayden pointed out a Smart car  next to us
Jayden:  Look at that car mama
Me: oh yea that is a Smart car
Jayden: a Smart car?
Me: yea that is what it is called
Jayden: Why can't that man have enough money to buy a bigger car?
(I just had to laugh at that point.  He thought that the guy could not afford a full size car so he had to get a half a car.  LOL!)

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