Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trendy Tops For Just A Little Extra Coverage

     I knew prior to getting pregnant that my body was going to change and there was a chance it would never go back to the way it was before again.  I have to say that I also knew that my body may have even more changes after having a second baby.  I have come to terms with those changes and found some items that have helped me in that.  One of those items is Trendy Top.

     I'm sure you have seen the commercials for Trendy tops.   They are like little half shirts you put on under your shirt.  The Trendy Top is great for so many things.  A popular style is to layer your shirts with different colors, but wearing multiple shirts is not always comfortable.  With the Trendy top you can put it on under your shirt and it looks like your wearing two shirts without the bulk.  Wearing it this way can also add a little break in coloring by adding that middle sleeve of color.

     Another great use of the Trendy Top is for extra coverage when your shirt is just a little too short.  I am on the taller side for women.  That often means the shirts land right at my waist or just above.  This can be frustrating when I want to reach for something and the shirt comes up.  I don't really want my belly sticking out, especially my mama belly after having two kids.  I can wear the Trendy Top under my shirt and when I do that reach the top shirt may come up, but the Trendy Top keeps my belly covered.  It also helps with the back of my pants when I bend to reach down and my pants might offer a peek to my panties.  With the Trendy Top I'm covered all the way around so panties no longer peek out.

     I have also found that the Trendy Top is great for breastfeeding coverage.  I love having nursing tops, but I can't wear nursing tops everyday.  With the Trendy Top I can keep discreet with a regular top during nursing.  Its easy to use.  When I need to nurse I can just lift the top shirt and the Trendy Top stays in place to cover my mid section and not expose my skin.  This is great for being discreet and for warmth.  With the cooler temperatures I don't really like the cool breeze while feeding Evan.  The Trendy Top keeps me covered and warm while Evan nurses.

     The Trendy Top comes in a two pack, one black and one white.  These easily coordinate with any outfit. I also see on their website they have beige and grey now (I'd love to have those colors too).  The Trendy Top is for coverage, not for shaping or slimming.  The material fits loosely and comfortable.  It will not pull your tummy tight for a slimmer look.  But I do think the layered look with the Trendy Top does make people look slimmer, but it is not meant to shape or slim the body.

Buy it:  Trendy Top Ultimate Layering Accessory (2 Pack)- Large

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  1. Oh I like those! I have to wear a long tank under every shirt. It would be great to just buy a few of these tops instead. Thanks for the info.

  2. This is so cool and would really come in handy for nursing! I have the problem of exposing my panties all the time when I lean over too - hubby laughs at me all the time about it, so this would shut him up. LOL!

  3. I like the idea of using them for a layered look with slightly too short shirts (a lot of my old ones fit into that category now).

  4. Oooo! I like!! :) I need one of these for one pair of jeans in particular. They are my favorite jeans, but every time I bend or squat down, my sirt just doesn't cover enough. :( Great idea here!!