Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Answers to Disney On Ice Princess Trivia

Yesterday I posted 14 trivia questions about Disney princesses to get ready for Disney On Ice Today.  Here are the answers..

1.  To open her own restaurant.

2.  The Trumpet

3.  Ray

4.  Maldonia

5.  Dr. Facilier

6.  Naveen has to kiss a princess

7.  New Orleans

8.  Dreaming

9.  Jaq, Gus, Susie, and Perla

10. Anastasia and Drisella

11. The Fairy Godmother

12.  Mother Gothel

13.  He stole a tiara from the castle

14.  The Snuggly Duckling

So how did you do??  Did you get them all right??  Some??  I admit there were a few I didn't know.  But to be fair I have boys and we don't get to watch the princess shows as much as the others.

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