Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Evan 4 Month Update

OK so this is pretty late... I took the pictures on December 21st, but then my Internet was down for posting, then holidays got me busy and then I lost my camera fro a few days.. Yes I do that often, ugh!  And its a new camera, opps!  I found it so now I can post.

By the end of month four a baby typically (from iVillage):
  • May sleep about six hours at night before waking (total sleep typically 14 to 17 hours)
  • Rolls over (usually stomach to back is first)
  • Sits with support
  • Lifts head up 90 degrees
  • Can follow a moving object for a 180-degree arc
  • Babbles and amuses self with new noises
  • Responds to all colors and shades
  • Explores objects with his mouth
  • Recognizes a bottle or breast
  • Communicates pain, fear, loneliness and discomfort through crying
  • Responds to a rattle or bell

Medical:  We went to the doctor last week for Evan's 4 month appointment.  Doctor says he is doing great.  Everything was normal.  He was surprised that Evan rolled over from his back to his tummy on the exam table.  He says that is more of a 6 month development and he is early.  He had to have a couple of shots that he was not happy about.  

Growth:  My baby boy is growing.. at the doctors he was 15 lbs. 7 oz. and that puts him in the 50%.  He is 25 1/4" at 55%.  So he is pretty much right in the average/perfect size area.  The doctor was very happy with his growth and says he is doing great.  Of course you look at him and think he must be bigger then that. The doctor did comment that he looks bigger then he is.

Clothing Size:  He is wearing 3 and 3-6 month clothing.

Eating:  He continues to eat well.  He will sometimes have long stretches without eating during the day and then eat more at night.  He has been eating plenty of milk at the sitters house usually 3 - 4oz bottles.  Sometimes he will have an extra bottle too.  I have not been pumping as much milk so I always hope he sticks to the 3 bottles.  I have started trying other things to increase my pump supply like pumping at home, feungreek, and oatmeal.  I want to make some lactation cookies, but have not been able to make any yet.

Sleeping:  Sleeping well.  He is sleeping in his crib more during naps at home.  He is even sleeping longer.  At night he sleeps well.  Since we co-sleep life is easier when he wants to eat lots at night.  Although there have been a couple of rough nights that he wants to eat lots and fusses.

New Developments:  Well, he continues to roll and flip like crazy.  So funny I can barely keep him on his back.  Once he gets to his belly he will play, but sometimes he will push his legs like he wants to crawl.  He gets frustrated when he doesn't go anywhere.  His little grunts are too cute.  He is putting his toes in his mouth.  It is so cute to see him curl up and pull his feet to his mouth.  He will put pretty much anything in his mouth at this point.  He is drooling like crazy and seems to be getting ready for teething.  He talks like crazy. He will jibber jabber away  by himself sometimes.  He will also talk back and forth with anyone that wants to talk with him.  when holding he will put his mouth on my shoulder and make noises.  Its really cute.  He laughs so much.  He will laugh at just about anything Jayden says or does.  He laughs when you take his clothes off and on.  He likes the little wiggle.  He is also ticklish and will laugh when you tickle him in the right spot.

Likes:  He still likes his playmat, supermat, swaddle designs personalized lovie blanket, Lamaze giraffe toy, HABA pure nature ball toy, and Aden & Anais swaddle blankets (he loves holding them and putting them in his mouth).

Dislikes:  He doesn't really like to be in his swing much.

Words: Lots of babbles, cooes, and laughs. He laughs all the time!!

Jayden's Thoughts:  Jayden loves his little brother and is having a fun time now that Evan is getting more interactive.  He likes to jump around and make silly faces in order to make Evan laugh.  Jayden just told me the other day, "Mommy this baby is cuddly.  I could hug him all day long."  As he held and hugged Evan.  Whenever anyone holds Evan Jayden feels the need to be right there.  He will go hold Evan hand and has even told Evan, "don't worry brother that's just.... so and so and I'm right here."  He is so protective and loving.  I love seeing them together.  I look forward to seeing them as they grow together so closely and loving.

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