Monday, January 21, 2013

Evan 5 Months Update

I just can not believe that my baby is 5 months old already.  I was just getting used to saying he is 4 months when people ask.  This really is going so quick.  He is such a happy and loving baby.  He is wrapping his arms around my neck to give hugs and he will put his mouth on my chin like he is eating my face.  Its really funny.

Medical:  Nothing new medically.  He has been a little stuffy lately when he wakes up, but that is about it.

Growth:  He continues to grow.  Not really sure how much he weighs at this point.  I just know that he is getting heavy.

Clothing Size: He is able to wear some 3-6 months clothing still, but moving into the 6 months mostly.

Eating:  Evan is a good eater.  He is still on breastmilk only.  I have been making some baby food and freezing it for later.  I am loving my Baby Breeza.  Not sure when we will start food.  He is doing well without and just recently starting to show a little interest.

Sleeping:  He is sleeping well.  He has naps in his crib when at home and sleeps nights with me.  In the last week he has had a few rough nights.  I think his nose got stuffy and he had a hard time sleeping.  On the weekends he will sleep forever in the morning.  It is great!  I am used to Mr. Early riser Jayden so sleeping in is like a dream.  Now sleeping in is between 8 and 9 am.  Of course that is only on the weekends since I have to get up at 5:30 during the week for work, boo. He is also sleeping on his side more and even found him turned to his tummy a couple times during nap.

New Developments:  Evan continues to flip over when on his back.  He uses his legs to push himself around and will end up sideways on his mat or in is bed when left alone.  He still refuses to roll back on his back most the time.  He will push and grunt until he is frustrated when he can't crawl.  He is still babbling like crazy and laughing out loud.  The last couple of weeks he started blowing raspberries.  He loves to make silly sounds.  Evan has been reaching for objects for a few months now, but he is now much more intentional with his reaching and grabbing.  He will put his arms around my neck and hug really tight, its so sweet.  One if his favorite things to do is to grab my hair and put his mouth on my chin as he pushes really hard.  Its like he is trying to bite my face.

Likes:  He loves to be hugged and cuddled.  He loves just about anything he can put in his mouth.  He loves blankets, he will grab them and either put them in his mouth or just hold on when he is sleepy.  He really likes this ball that makes noise that he received from his grandma for Christmas.  He also continues to enjoy is Super Mat and play mat.  Recently we brought out Jayden's old exersaucer and Evan will play in it for short periods of time.  He loves that he can turn around and see everything.  He doesn't like to stay in it too long, but for short periods its great.

Dislikes:  He doesn't like to be left alone for too long.  He loves interactions with others.  We really have not tried the swing much lately, but he really doesn't like it much when we do try.

Words: Lots of babbles, cooes, raspberries, and laughs. He laughs all the time!!  Oh and he has discovered that he can make noise while he breaths in so often he makes that loud gasping sound while he is playing.  Kind of freaks me out most the time, but he is just playing with sounds and what he can do.  I remember that Jayden did the same.

Jayden's Thoughts:  Jayden loves his brother and likes to hold his hand whenever he can.  There has been a little more jealously lately, but not too bad.  Jayden makes Evan laugh even when he is not trying.  Jayden will make silly voices or dance around and Evan goes crazy moving, shaking, and laughing at him.

By the end of month five a baby typically:
 (from iVillage):

  • Pays attention to small objects
  • Experiments with the concept of cause and effect
  • Can see across the room
  • Begins to use hands in a raking fashion to bring toys near
  • Begins teething process

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  1. My baby boy will be five months in 2 days so I was reading what i have to look forward to :) My boy also gets stuffy noses and keeps him from sleeping but other than that he's a good baby too :) oh he also dislikes his swing lol Don't they grow way too fast?