Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting Clean For The New Year With Truce Clean Products

     Well it is 2013 and with a new year I want a clean start.  I would love to resolve to keep a cleaner house for my family.  Time is not always on my side when it comes to cleaning.  If I have a choice between cleaning and spending time with the family then of course I pick my family.  But then my house suffers.  So I am going to resolve to spend just small amounts of time to keep my home clean for my family each day so I don't have to spend long periods on the weekends.  In order to do this I need some good cleaners and with baby boy around I want some that are not harmful.  Recently I was introduced to Truce Clean.

     TRUCE uses only natural ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen such as salt, baking soda, olive oil, vinegar, and more.  Their products are biodegradable, as well as chlorine and phosphate free.  Essential oils are used for aroma therapeutic fragrances.  All packaging is recyclable.  When you purchase the cleaners they come in a spray bottle with just the right about of concentrated cleaner and you will just add water.  Then when your ready you can purchase refills that equal out the 4 refills.

clean-and-shine-bottle.png     I received the line of cleaning products that includes the Clean & Bright, Dust & Polish, and Scrub & Scour.  The Clean & Bright and the Dust & Polish come in a spray bottle with only a small amount in the bottom.  It is concentrated and all you have to do is add water.  The Clean & Bright works to clean glass, mirrors, granite, steel, tile, stone, concrete, and linoleum.  The Dust & Polish is great for wood and laminate furniture, cabinets, floors, as well as painted and stainless steel surfaces.  The Scrub & Scour works great on sinks, tubs, toilets, showers, tile, and can be used as dishwasher and laundry detergent.  The Clean & Bright and the Scrub & Scour have both peppermint and rosemary oils for an aromatherapy scent.  The Dust & Polish has orange and lemon essential oils for a citrus scent.

shampoo-for-dogs-bottle.png     I also received some pet products, Shampoo for Dogs, and Crate Spray.  They are both made from some of the same natural ingredients.  Because of the essential oils neither product should be used with cats. I currently do not have any pets, but my mom has like 6 large chows.  She is constantly giving them baths because she lives out Tonapah and it gets really dirty there.  These products will help her to have a clean group of dogs that smell great.

     The last item I received was the Lavender & Lemongrass spray.  Again made from just a couple of simple ingredients and aroma therapeutic essential oils.  This smells great to spray around your house or even as a body spray.

     I really like that these products are natural and biodegradable.  I like that they are safe to use around my children.  These products are made with simple ingredients.  I can get started on my fresh start cleaning and everything in my house will smell so good.  I love the essential oil scents.  And in addition to the cleaners smelling good and being natural, they work.  I have used them to clean in my kitchen and around the house.  Next up is the bathrooms.  I'm not one to enjoy cleaning much, but I do look forward to having a nice clean home for my family.

Buy it:  Truce Clean Products $3.50-$12.00

Thank you to Truce Clean for sponsoring this post.  
I was provided the above mentioned products for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  disclosure


  1. Ohhh... a cleaner that smells good and is all natural? I am going to totally check these out!

  2. Love that they are all natural.... with three little ones in my home this is definitely something I would like to try.