Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday's Tastes On Second Base ~ Alcohol and Nursing

     I am linking up again for Tuesday's Tastes on Second Base.  I know its not Tuesday and I'm late, but I wanted to discuss this weeks topic.  The topic is Drinking Alcohol while Nursing.  It started with an article about an nursing mom in San Francisco.  What happened in the article is a mom to a two month old baby was having lunch with her friend.  The two women have their babies with them.  One mom decides to nurse her baby as he was getting restless.  The waitress walked up and asked what they'd like to drink.  Both ladies ordered a glass of champagne.  The waitress was uncomfortable and went to the manager.  The manager politely informed the ladies that they did not feel comfortable serving nursing moms.  The ladies decided to leave.  

     I know that it has been said that having a drink every now and then is alright while nursing and that beer can actually help increase your milk supply.  But to be honest I don't think you should drink while nursing.  I won't and don't drink while nursing.  I think once while I was pumping milk for Jayden I drank so I just dumped that milk.  I have not drank any alcohol since before getting pregnant with Evan.  I just don't like to risk the possibility that it could harm him.  Babys are so little and every little think can make a big difference for them.  I think about with Jayden I had to cut out dairy because he had a dairy intolerrance.  Just having a little cheese upset his tummy.  I can't imagine what just a little alcohol would do.  

     After reading this article I knew I would not be in the position of the mom because I would not order a drink or have a drink while nursing especially while baby is right there with me.  But then I began to think about the waitress.  I used to be a waitress and a bartender years back.  I though about what would I do?  Would I serve a mom that is nursing right there at the table?  I honestly don't think I would.  Yes, to each their own and everyone can make their own choices.  But that also means I can make my own choice and if I don't agree, and I don't, then I don't have to serve that customer.  So I wouldn't serve them.  I would probably ask someone that is comfortable to take the table or talk to my manager to get it covered.  I also posed this question to the girls at work and they agreed that they would not want to serve anyone that is nursing their child.  
     The other thought I had was if I was a parton in the resturant and saw the woman nursing her baby and drinking champane or any alcohol would I call CPS?  I am a mandated reporter since I work with children.  Which means that if I suspect child abuse then I am required to report it.  In our classroom if a parent picks up their child from school and smells like alcohol and may have been drinking then we have to release the child to the parent, but we then call the police and CPS to stop them.  This is kind of the same thing.  The mom is putting the baby in a dangerous situation.  Again we discussed this at work and we were all back and forth on this one.  Although we know the rules in our classrooms, but in public it gets a little more grey.  We pretty much all came down to we would likely report this mom.  You really don't know how much she had to drink before you saw her or if she will drink more.  It is most important to look out for that baby.  I think what sticks out for me the most is the mom was nursing the baby right there and wanted to drink at the same exact time.  

     What would you do?  Would you serve alcohol to a nursing mom?  Would you call CPS/police if you saw a mom nursing their baby while enjoying a drink?  


  1. I would drink while nursing. Actually while the baby is at the boob is the best time to as your body will have longer to process the alcohol before the next feeding time. So although it may not look exemplary, as long as a mom was not visibly intoxicated or binge drinking I would not report her either.

  2. I have drunk alcohol while BFing and felt comfortable with it based on my research into the matter. My son started going 2-3 hours between nursing around 4 weeks old, and he only nursed for 10 mins tops. So I would sometimes have a glass of wine with dinner, and occasionally he nursed while I started that glass. Alcohol metabolizes from breast milk the same way it does from blood; no need to pump and dump. The only time I ever pumped and dumped was when my husband and I went on a date and I had 2 glasses of wine and felt tipsy. I needed to pump for supply's sake because I hadn't nursed in 3 hours (our son wasn't with us) and I chose to dump that milk because I felt tipsy.
    I don't really think the waiter or manager were in the wrong, they have to right to refuse service to anyone they don't feel comfortable serving, but reporting to CPS for one glass of champagne would be overkill. Once people understand about alcohol and breast feedings, they may not be so quick to think it's so horrible.