Sunday, January 13, 2013

What A Boy Likes

     When I was pregnant with Jayden I always wondered what he would be like.  I dreamed about him and constantly thought about what he might be interested in.  I wondered if he'd like sports.  I was so excited to meet him and wanted to know what his interests might be.  And over the past 4 years I have watched him grow and watched his interests in some areas stay the same and in others it would change.  Like he has always loved sports.  And somehow he is pretty good at any sport he plays.  He can dribble a basketball pretty good for his age and he can throw a football spiral.  I think from the moment he was able to hold a ball he has loved sports.

     His interests in some television shows have changed for the most part.  He has a few that he has watched for a long time, but currently his most favorite show is Wipe Out.  Yes the game show where people do stupid obstacles and fall in the mud or water.  He can watch it over and over.  He even relates things to the show like when they made a line that went in a circle at the Disney On Ice show he yelled out, "Look mom its the sweeper bar."  He can name the obstacles.  This is not a show I expected him to like.

     Another thing Jayden loves and I never expected him to is Monster Jam.  Once John turned it on the television because my brother in law had taken my nephew to the show here in town and he thought Jayden might like it.  From that point on he has been hooked.  We had to set the DVR to record all the Monster Jam episodes.  He prefers the freestyle shows over the racing.  I never in my dreams though he would like to watch monster trucks.  Of course I should have because what boy doesn't like to see a great big truck run over a bunch of cars, spin around, and fall over?  Anyway, Jayden has fallin in love with Monster Jam.  He can name most all the monster trucks.  When he is watching with John he tells John that any of the trucks that crash are for John and that he gets the trucks that win.

     That is why I am so happy that he will be able to go to the Monster Jam show here in town at the end of the month.  The show will be at Chase field on Saturday, January 26, 2013.  Jayden is so excited.. yes I told him.  I considered waiting and surprising him when the day comes, but it was hard to hold it in.  Of course now he asks me daily if its time for Monster Jam.  While we were at Disney On Ice this past week they made the announcement for Monster Jam a few times and Jayden was so excited he thought they were going to drive the monster trucks on the ice.

     In getting ready for the Monster Jam show I told Jayden we need to get him some headphones.  I know it gets really loud and I don't want it to hurt his ears.  I am not sure what else he will need.  Have you ever gone to Monster Jam?  What will Jayden need?  I am thinking the big headphones that over his ears completely and a nice warm jacket since it will be cold.

     I am excited to see what is to come with Jayden and his interests.  I am excited to see what he will come to be, but I'm not in a rush.  I like my little man to be a little man a little longer.  {Yes I did just say little like 3 times in a single sentence... lol}  And as for Evan there is so much to learn about him.  He has so much to grow and become a boy.  Of course I know it goes so quick and I'm in no real rush.

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  1. I wondered and still wonder what a boy is like as well. I have a 5 month old and there ar eno boys in my family so i have no experience with any boy babies. for now, he seems a little more calmer than my nieces but I can't wait to see what he's into when he grows up