Sunday, February 24, 2013

Evan is 6 Months Old!!! Update

WOW!  Evan is 6 months old.  He is getting so big.  He continues to be a happy and loving baby.  He smiles and laughs from the moment he wakes up.  He approaches everything with so much interest and excitement. 

Medical:  He went to the doctor the other day for his 6 month check up.  He did have a bit of a rash on his whole tummy, chest, and back.  The doctor thought it was a heat rash and that he possibly got a little over heated.  So I have been putting hydrocortisone on it twice a day and its pretty much gone.  Other then that the doctor says he is doing great.  The doctor could not believe how much he is doing. We could barely keep him still while the doctor checked him out. 

Growth:  At the doctor's office he weighted 17 lbs. 10 oz putting him at 50% on the growth chart.  He is 26 1/2 inches long also at 50% on the growth chart.  His head was at 40% on the growth chart.  So my baby boy is perfect size.  He looks so squishy and chunky so you'd think he was higher on the charts, but nope he is perfect.  

Clothing Size:  Evan is wearing 6 months clothing and it all fits perfect.  He has worn a few 9 months outfits and they are just a little big on him.  He will likely move into them quickly.

Eating:  Evan has been showing so much interest in food.  He literally will grab at our food.  He tried his first cereal tonight.  He was too funny!  He was grabbing the spoon and licking it like a cat.  I think he liked it.  So in addition to breast milk I will give him cereal at nights for a bit.  Then I expect I will add in some veggies soon.  I have some veggies already made and frozen so it will be easy to defrost and feed him.  I think we will start with sweet potato. 

Sleeping:  Evan continues to be a pretty good sleeper.  He has been going to sleep in his own bed most nights and then comes to my bed.  Although the last few nights he has woke up earlier and wants to get in bed with mama sooner.  He is so cute.  He will roll over close to me to sleep.  I love all the cuddles.  He is often sleeping on his tummy now. 

New Developments:  Evan has been rolling back and forth a lot lately.  He will roll and roll and roll to get where he wants.  He lifts himself up with his arms and turns all the way around.  He is such a mover.  And believe it or not he will get up on his arms and legs and do the rocking back and forth.  He is so close to crawling I can hardly believe it.  He has gone a backwards, but will get frustrated when he can't go forward.  A few times he has lunged forward.  Pretty much we can not keep him on his supermat anymore.  He will move all around the living room.  Once he even made his way to the toy box.  Once he was there he held himself up with 1 arm as he reached and pulled Jayden's Calliou doll out that was hanging over the side.  Evan is sitting up for a short time on his own and longer with assistance. 

Likes:  He loves his big brother and will do anything to be near him or at least see him.  Some of his favorite toys lately have been a Lamaze giraffe toy, a baby cell phone, his blankies, and the rings from the Tiny Love Musical Stack and Ball game.  Oh and when in his chair he likes the My Nature Pals Stroll.   He loves trying to get my cell phone, the remote control and my laptop.  

Dislikes:  Still doesn't like to be left along very long.  He will play and do his own thing when your right there, but if I leave the room he will start grunting and complaining.  Really he doesn't have much more that he dislikes.  Like I said he is an easy going baby.  

Words: Evan still talks a LOT!  He likes to make silly noises and raspberries.  He giggles and laughs out loud as well.  Jayden likes to say that he said this or that if his babbles sound like words. 

Jayden's Thoughts:  Jayden continues to love his little brother.  The jealously is getting a little more between both of them.  When I pick them up from the sitter Jayden tells me to pick him up first and then Evan begins to grunt and whine until I pick him up.  Jayden will tell me to put the baby down sometimes and when I am holding Evan and Jayden comes to sit with us sometimes Evan will push or kick him away.  I am going to have my hands full as they get older.  But when it comes to just Evan Jayden is in love.  He will do anything for him.  He loves to play with him and make him laugh.  I have to watch him because he wants to pick up Evan and walk with him sometimes. 

By the end of month six a baby typically:
 (from iVillage):
  • Keeps head level when pulled to sitting position
  • Makes some vowel-consonant sounds
  • Sits by self with minimal support
  • Opens mouth for spoon
  • Reaches for and grabs objects
  • Rolls over and back
  • Drinks from a cup with help
  • Can hold bottle
  • Copies some facial expressions
  • Makes two-syllable sounds


    1. Like I've said before love your updates on Evan because he's a month older than my boy and i can always see what going to come my way :) My boy is starting to sit up as well :) Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up!