Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clear Baby's Nose with the Baby Comfy Nose Nasel Aspirator

      I think Evan has allergies just like Jayden, either that or his nose is really stuffy from teething.  Either way his stuffy nose makes it more difficult for him to sleep at night lately.  I use the humidifier, but I still have to clear him out some so he can breath to fall asleep.  I usually use that bulb aspirator that I got at the hospital.  It always feels like there has to be a better way to do this, plus I think about what might be inside that thing.  I mean how can you clean it???     Well, there is a better way and it’s called the BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator.  Here’s the amazing part (or gross part – depending on your perspective) it uses your own suction.  And that’s why it’s better then standard aspirators.  Think about it: your own lungs are a really strong and natural vacuum cleaner – much more powerful than a tiny bulb or battery-powered motor. And the result is just a more effective method of clearing your baby’s sinuses.  But if your like me then your worried about sucking that baby snot in your mouth.  Well, have no fear; you won’t suck boogies into your mouth because of the design of the receptacle and the tissue filter that you insert into the body of the aspirator.  This is why pediatricians are recommending BabyComfyNose to moms and dads.  Recently, Dr. Sears of The Doctors TV Show recommended the BabyComfyNose as the best way to clear babies’ noses. Take a look at the video ‘How to Use the BabyComfyNose’ here to see how well it works.  The folks at BabyComfyNose are also offering a 20%-off coupon.  Details here

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