Friday, March 22, 2013

Evan 7 Months Update

My baby keeps growing.. he is now 7 months old!  Evan you need to stop already.  Evan is so cuddly and loving.  I just want to squeeze and love him all the time.  He continues to be a super happy baby.  He has grown so much this month.

Medical:  Nothing new medically.  He has had a touch of environmental allergies a bit.  His rash from last month cleared up quickly and has not had any problems since. 

Growth:  He is getting so big.  Not sure on his exact weight, but I am sure he has gained at least a pound or so from last month. 

Clothing Size: Still wearing 6 months, 6-9 months, and some 9 month clothes.  I do have a few 3-6 month outfits that he can still wear.  Changing from long sleeves to short sleeves I am seeing I need more clothes for him.  I will have to do a little shopping for sure. 

Eating:  Evan loves to eat.  He gets very excited when I put him in the Spoon and get the bib out.  He LOVES his cereal.  He has some cereal every night.  I started to add some veggies to the mix also.  This has not gone as easily as I'd hoped.  Jayden was a great eater and loved everything.  But Evan is my picky boy.  He tolerated the sweet potatoes.  He hates carrots and butternut squash.  He will squeeze his lips together and not take any food in.  And the chance I do get a bite in he will gag and choke.  He even made himself spit up all that I fed him the other night.  I have started trying to hide small amounts in his cereal.  We will continue to offer some other kinds of veggies.  I have already gotten him some oatmeal so that will come when the rice cereal is gone.  I am holding off fruit until he has tried the veggies first.  Although I did give him a few tastes of banana and he was not too sure about it. 

Sleeping:  Well, I gave in.  Evan is sleeping with me most nights now.  It is just so much easier to bring him to bed and nurse him to sleep.  I love the cuddles and figure it won't be long and he won't want to cuddle so much so I should take advantage.  The only difficult thing is in the mornings when I have to get up for work and he cuddles up close.  I just want to stay in bed with him.  He will reach his arm out to touch me or roll up against me to be sure I stay in bed.  A few times I have had to put him in the carrier so I can get ready for work. 

New DevelopmentsOK so lots of new developments!!  He is crawling!  Yes he started right after turning 6 months.  He started out with a weird crawl with a combo of using his feet and knees.  But now he is an excellent crawler.  He is so quick and we have to be watching so close.  He is also sitting up on his own.  He is so cute when he crawls up to something and pulls his leg in to sit up.  And this smart boy has realized that the tile hurts his knees to crawl on so he will crawl on his hands and feet with his butt up in the air when he gets to the tile.  He realized this and changed his crawl after only once or twice going on the tile.  Evan is also pulling up to stand some.  He likes to pull up on people.  

LikesMost of the same things as before.  He loves, loves his big brother.  He did go to the sitters one day himself while John kept Jayden home.  She said he seemed kind of sad and kept looking for Jayden.  When we got home he practically jumped out of my arms into Jayden's arms.  Evan has been using the Tiny Love Stack and Ball game, but he likes to shake the balls and even tries to get the balls in the bucket. 

Dislikes:  Add Veggies to this list, or at least carrots and butternut squash.  He doesn't like to be ignored.  When I go to the sitters house to pick up the boys Evan will crawl to me and if I don't pick him up right away he will fuss until I do.  But mostly he is a happy boy will little to dislike.  Well, maybe sitting still is a dislike now.  He just loves to crawl and move around.  Which is why I didn't get great photos this time.  He kept crawling away from me.. stinker!

Words: Continues to babble and make silly noises constantly.  He will say, "da da da da" in such a happy fun tone.  But when he is upset he says, "Ma ma ma ma!" in a deep angry tone.  I said its not fair he is mad when it comes to mama.  But really its just the noise and when I pick him up its a happy "ma ma ma" sound.   

Jayden's Thoughts:  Jayden loves Evan just as much.  He is rough sometimes and needs reminders that Evan is still a baby.  But Evan will crawl all over Jayden and usually just laughs and giggles with him.  Evan likes to be the one to get Evan before he gets to the tile and bring him back.  Jayden does have some jealous times with Evan, but that is to be expected. 

By the end of month seven a baby typically:
 (from iVillage):
  • Can self-feed some finger foods
  • Makes wet razzing sounds
  • Turns in the direction of a voice
  • Plays peekaboo
  • Imitates many sounds
  • Distinguishes emotions by tone of voice


    1. Nancy- Great to see you keeping up with this.
      They are both good looking little boys.I'm sure their Grandmother Joy and Greatgrand- mother Mavis loves them. Hugs from your Flordia cousin--Karen

    2. My first grandson ate anything and everything. My second grandson was Mr. Picky. Sounds like your boys! He's precious!