Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Friendly Fun in Scottsdale Arizona Part 1


  I was born and raised in Arizona.  So I have lived here all my life.  I have always lived in Phoenix or in surrounding cities.  Every city has something to offer.  Scottsdale is one of those beautiful cities.  Scottsdale is often recognized for their papering spas, high class shopping, fine dining, and active night life.  But there is more to Scottsdale, including lots of family fun things to do.  I was very excited to spend some time in Scottsdale recently so I could share my experience with all of you thanks to the Scottsdale Visitors Bureau.  Because there was so much to do we decided to enjoy Scottsdale in a couple of different trips.
     On our first trip to Scottsdale we decided to make our first stop at CrackerJax.  CrackerJax is a fun family sport park.  There is lots to do at CrackerJax.  The park features an award winning driving range, 18 hole professional putting course, mini golf, batting cages, volleyball, Go-Karts, Mini Go-Karts, Bumper Boats, Bungee dome, Video Arcade and more.  Jayden knew exactly what he wanted to do first and that was the batting cages.  So we immediately went over the the batting cages and set Jayden up to hit the balls.

     There are 8 batting cages with the option softballs or baseballs in each.  There are also different speeds available from 35 mph to 75 mph.  Jayden absolutely loved it, we had to convince him to try some other things.   After the batting cages Jayden raced around the track in the mini go-karts.  He was slightly hesitant at first, but soon was racing around and having a good time.

     We decided to go inside and enjoy some fun games.  Jayden and John loved competing at air hockey.  Of course they have the favorite Skee Ball.

     After a fun afternoon at CrackerJax we decided to go check out the Ice Den.  Jayden is a huge sports fan, any sport he does not care.  So we stopped over at the Ice Den to see what was going on there.  The Ice Den is an indoor skating arena.  There are two ice arenas.  The have learn to skate classes, hockey, and figure skating.  They have open skating available and options for birthday parties.  The Phoenix Coyotes hockey team used to practice there.  When we arrived there was lots going on.  One of the ice rings had the Zamboni cleaning the ice, Jayden was excited to watch it.  Then we walked over to the other side and there was a hockey game going on.  They looked to be around 11-13 years old or so.  At that point Jayden was hooked.  He didn't want to move.  He stood at the end of the glass and watched every move.  We stayed for a while and watched the game.  They have a little snack bar so we were able to get some yummy snacks and a drink while we watched the game.

     When we left the Ice Den we went to one of my favorite sushi restaurants, Sushi Brokers.  We have loved going to Sushi Brokers for yummy sushi for years.  Sushi Brookers is actually the first place I tried sushi and I was hooked.  Needless to say we were excited to get a chance to have some of our favorite sushi.  I guess it would be a stretch to call Sushi Brokers a kid friendly/family restaurant.  Not that they don't include children, but there is no high chair or booster seat in the place, which tells me kid friendly plus they don't have chocolate milk, a must for Jayden.  But its so good we don't care.  We got some really yummy sushi, including my favorite speciality roll the Damn Good.  Jayden got his favorite the sweet potato fries.  Sushi Brokers has a happy hour sushi menu daily, even weekends!  The food was great as always.  Unfortunately the service was not as usual.  It wasn't horrible, but it was not as great as it usually is.  This was the first time I have not had great service there so I'm sure it was just a fluke bad night for the waitress.  We still love Sushi Brokers and will go back as often as we can.

     So our first Family Friendly Fun day in Scottsdale Arizona was great fun.  As we drove back home we discussed what we wanted to do next time we go out to Scottsdale for some more family fun.  Stay tuned for part 2 of our Family Friendly Fun visits to Scottsdale Arizona.  If your interested in visiting Scottsdale then I encourage you to check out the Scottsdale Visitors Bureau and start planning today. 

Thank you to the Scottsdale Visitors Bureau for providing me and my family a gift card to experience the city of Scottsdale.  

This post is part of a campaign through the Scottsdale Visitors Bureau.  I received a gift card to experience Scottsdale.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced disclosure


  1. CrackerJax looks like a blast! Ct just doesn't have stuff like this at least not near us

  2. We have to drive to Brandson to have that much fun... LOVE IT and it looks like little guy had a blast!

  3. GO CARTS!!!! How fun! We don't have anything fun in my area. :/

  4. Wow! Looks like you guys had a super fun day. I woulda been all about those go-carts, hehe.

  5. Wow,! looks like you had a great day! The Gocarts look so much fun!

  6. My grandson would love that little race track! He's obsessed with cars and would love to ride in his own!

  7. Looks like your Scottsdale family vacation was fun for the whole family! I have always wanted to try go-carting. Looks like it was a blast!