Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Friendly Fun in Scottsdale Arizona Part 2


     Scottsdale has so many fun things to do that we had to go back for more.  In case you missed it check out our visit earlier this month in the post Family Friendly Fun in Scottsdale Arizona Part 1.  Thanks to the Scottsdale Visitors Bureau for the gift card to spend on our visit.  This time we decided to head out to Scottsdale just before lunch so we could stop and get something.  We were not sure where we wanted to eat, but decided to stop at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall.  Its a beautiful mall with tons of places to shop and eat.

     After briefly walking around we decided to have lunch at Z'Tejas.  The restaurant is right inside the mall.  We were greeted nicely and given a choice of seating.  We decided to sit on the patio.  The patio is actually out in the mall so we were able to watch people walk by.  This makes for the kids to have more to do, plus we could see the fish tank at the Japanese restaurant next door.  Jayden especially loved watching people walk by and talking to many of them.  We were served some yummy cornbread.  Jayden loved it best and kept eating it.  Our food was very good and served quickly.  They had a highchair for Evan so he could sit with us and mostly so I could eat without holding him.  The service was great.  After we were full and satisfied from our yummy lunch we headed out of the mall.

     We went to McCormick-Stillman Railroad park.  We have been to the park once before when Jayden was around 8 or 9 months old or so, but have not been back since.  So of course Jayden did not remember the park.  The park is very unique.  It is a large park where you can take a ride on the Paradise and Pacific Railroad and the antique carousel.  There are a few different shops and museum.  There are a few different playgrounds and lots of room for a picnic either in the lush grass or at one of the ramadas.  When we arrived at the park we immediately went to buy some tickets.  The tickets are fairly cheap and you can get a deal if you buy more at once.  They are good forever so if you don't use them all you can always go back another time and use them.

     The line to the train was fairly long so we decided to hop on the carousel.  We found horses in line with each other.  Jayden was excited to ride with daddy right there.  I wasn't sure how Evan would like it, but he immediately began to smile when the horse went up and we began to go around.  He was grabbing the handle and holding on.  The carousel was a fun ride that we all enjoyed together.  They both were happy to go on the carousel again and again.  Next we wanted to go on the train.  Jayden was a little hesitant at first.  He was afraid it would go too fast, that is my cautious child.  But he saw the train pull in and it was not going fast so he decided he did want to ride.  We waited in line for our turn to ride.  We didn't have to wait too long, although Evan fell asleep in the carrier as we waited.  Once we were allowed to board the train Jayden picked which train car we should sit in.  The train takes you around the park on one side, back and around to the other side.  We even saw some bunnies as we were about to go in the tunnel.  When we pulled into the station Jayden immediately said, "Can we go again?"  

     The park has so many things to do.  We rode the larger train, there is also a smaller train that just goes around a circle.  When were were leaving the park we decided to go to the Sugar Bowl for some yummy ice cream.  But as we were driving we noticed that both boys were fast asleep minutes after getting in the car.  So we decided that it would be best to just go home.  We will have to be sure and get back over to Scottsdale so we can get that ice cream.  I have heard some great things about the Sugar Bowl, but have not had the privilege of eating there yet.  We also want to go back and catch a spring training game in Scottsdale.  There really is so much to do we run out of time to do it all.  If your here in Arizona or expect to visit any time so I encourage you to check out Scottsdale and see what you can find.
Thank you to the Scottsdale Visitors Bureau for providing me and my family a gift card to experience the city of Scottsdale.  

This post is part of a campaign through the Scottsdale Visitors Bureau.  I received a gift card to experience Scottsdale.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced disclosure


  1. There's so much to do! We are hoping to get out there someday.

  2. I love the carousel! AWESOME! The train is awesome, too. I used to live next to a railroad track and I miss it a ton.

  3. That railroad park look so cool. My daughter would LOVE it! If we are ever in {or even near} Scottsdale I know where we will be going :)

  4. Scottsdale looks like the perfect spot to spend a day out with the family. The Railroad Park looks like it was a blast. Thanks for sharing photos of this awesome day out!