Friday, March 15, 2013

Hugo the Happy Starfish: The Last Bully Childrens Book Review

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     When I was in the second grade we moved.  We bought a new house and moved in the middle of the year.  I remember that I loved school and I was excited to start my new school.  It just so happened that my first day at my new school was my birthday.  I thought it was so great.  But soon after beginning the new school I was not as excited or happy.  There were two girls in my class that I soon realized were bullies, or at least to me they were.  I will never forget Carrie and Autumn.  These two girls would call me names and make fun of me almost daily.  It was horrible.  I was at a new school, no friends, and mean girls making fun of me.  Lucky for me it wasn't too long and I did make new friends.  But those two mean girls continued to bully me and make fun of me for the next couple of years.  And as much as I'd like to say it didn't affect me, it did of course.  Otherwise I wouldn't remember their names so easily.

     Jayden will be starting in Kindergarten in August.  I have been thinking about this milestone for some time now.  I am sad because my baby boy is growing and is no longer a baby.  But I am also very worried about bullies.  I worry that bullies are getting meaner and meaner.  Jayden is such a sweet loving boy and easily influenced.  I don't want him to be bullied or have to be hurt by others.  I was happy to have the opportunity to review the book Hugo The Happy Starfish The Last Bully.

     Hugo is a little star fish in the big ocean.  There are always bigger fish and other sea creatures that come along in the ocean.  Some have bad attitudes and are bullies.  After Hugo sees his friend being bullied he decides to start an Anti-Bully Club, ABC.  Hugo and his friends work together to show bullies that there are always bigger fish in the ocean and that they need to respect smaller fish and not bully them.  The Last Bully helps to build children's confidence by showing them that being different is ok and they do not have to take it when someone bullies them.  It also shows children that they can stick up for each other and work together to help each other.

     I showed Jayden the book and he was excited to read it.  After I told him the title I asked him if he knew what a bully was and he didn't.  I explained what a bully was.  Jayden right away said bullies are not nice.  I began reading the book to Jayden and Evan.  As we read the book we talked about what was happening in the story.  We discussed how Hugo and his friends solved their problem with bullies.  I then asked Jayden what he would do if someone tried to bully him.  He told me he would run away.  I told him that was a good idea.  I also gave him some other ideas, such as telling the bully you don't like what they are doing or saying.  And another thing is to tell an adult, like a teacher.  We also discussed that it is not alright to be a bully and that he should never say or do mean things to other people.  Jayden acted out laughing at someone and said, "right its not nice to laugh like that at someone, right mommy?"  I agreed. 

     After reading The Last Bully I was happy to have the book as a way to start the conversation with Jayden about bullies.   We will continue to discuss bullies and ways to deal with them.  We will revisit the book and use it as parts of our discussion. 


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