Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep Book

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     A couple of years ago I attended the Zero to Three conference here in Phoenix, Arizona.  I went for work and was able to take some really good workshops.  While picking which classes I wanted to attend there was one that stuck out as a must attend for me.  It was a workshop by Harvey Karp, MD on toddler behaviors.  I was so excited to attend and he was there himself talking about his book and methods.  I was even lucky enough to get a copy of his book The Happiest Baby On The Block and he signed it.  I know maybe I am a dork, but he is awesome.  So when I was given the opportunity to receive Harvey Karp's newest book The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep I of course said yes.     If you don't already know who Harvey Karp is then let me tell you a little about him.  He has been a pediatrician and child development specialist for 30 years.  He is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the USC School of Medicine.  Dr. Karp discovered that all babies have a calming reflex.  He also has taught many parents on how to tame tantrums and boost toddler patience in a matter of just days.   He has many great techniques that have helped moms and dads everywhere better understand their baby and toddlers and work with them. 

     The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep contains simple solutions for kids from birth to 5 years.  In this book parents will learn how to train brand new babies to sleep better.  Dr. Karp shares how infants can be taught to sleep an extra hour or more from their first week of life.  He shares different types of white noise including the best and worst white noise for good sleep.  The importance of waking a sleeping baby in order to help them learn to self-soothe.  The benefits of swaddling and how to avoid the risks.  And the importance of powering down the technology for a good nights sleep. 

Jayden sleeping in his crib as an infant.

     Jayden was a great sleeper from the beginning.  He would sleep so much.  I think my only complaint was that he would go to sleep so early he would then wake up so early.  He would fall asleep so early in the evenings when he was a baby that I would have to wake him and make him stay up at least an hour before going back to sleep.  Otherwise he'd wake up even earlier in the morning.  He took 3 naps a day for a very long time then went to 2 and still currently at almost 5 takes a nap daily (up to 2+ hours).  Evan has not quite been the same.  He is a good sleeper in his own way, but it has been different.  He fights sleep a little more then Jayden did, mostly he doesn't want to miss anything.  And when he does sleep he is not a fan of his crib like Jayden was.  Yes Jayden loved his crib and would hang out in there forever.  But when Evan wakes in his crib he will cry.  He hardly ever cries, but waking in his crib is one of those times.  He sleeps great when I'm holing him or he is sleeping with me.  He was not much of a fan of the bassinet for long either.  So my typical night is putting Evan in his crib to sleep (usually he falls asleep nursing and I transfer him to his crib).  Then at some point in the middle of the night he will wake and I will bring him to bed with me.  It really varies what time he wakes, but very few times it was after midnight.  Usually it is earlier and I'd like to see him sleep in there longer.  Don't get me wrong, I love all the cuddles, but I want him to learn to self soothe and not depend on me to sleep.  Evan does sleep well mostly, but when he wakes I would love for him to be able to go back to sleep without crying for me.  

Evan sleeping.

     I have started to read this book, no I have not finished it yet.  Its not always easy finding the time to read with a full time job and two littles running around.  But I am working on it and so far I am enjoying the book.  The book is easy to read and follow.  Dr. Karp has a way of explaining things so simply.  The book is broken down into parts based on age, part 1 birth to three months, part 2 three to twelve months, part 3 one to three years and part 4 Tips to create happy naps and to handle special situations.  The book really explains some behaviors that are a mystery to many parents, including "No cry" tips to end infant and toddler sleep struggles.  I am intrigued by many of his techniques and they make so much sense.  I am excited to continue reading and learning more.  Once I have completed the book I am sure I will implement some sleep strategies to help Evan stay asleep in his crib and hopefully love his crib as much as Jayden did. 

     Now with The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep new and old parents alike do not have to move through their days in a state of exhaustion from sleep deprivation.  This book would make a wonderful baby shower gift. 

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  1. When I read the title of your post I thought it was going to be tips for me to sleep. I guess it kinda is, lol. I am going to have to check this out. My daughter was a great sleeper from the beginning. We are having more struggles with my son so I am open to all tips!

  2. Sounds like a good book I have noticed that all three of my kiddos liked to sleep different ways when they were babies and it was a difference of a good night sleep or not...