Thursday, May 9, 2013

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ Walk With Me 2013

     OK.. so I know it is not Wednesday and I'm late.  The last couple of nights I have just passed out as soon as the baby was asleep.  I guess I was in need of some sleep.  But I wanted to share our weekend event.  The boys and I participated in Walk With Me to benefit Easter Seals on Saturday.  Jayden and I have participated every year the event has been here in AZ, since Jayden was 11 months old.  I look forward to this being a tradition for the boys in giving back to others.  But for now it is just a fun event.

Jayden and Aidan were very excited to walk together.  They are so cute holding hands for much of the walk. 
   photo 0091_zpse1a5e53c.jpg 
They were excited to walk across the bridge. 

   photo 0101_zps7fce6a4a.jpg 
A couple of the high school students from Jayden's preschool came too.  Jayden was so excited to see his favorite teacher Ms. Sierra.
   photo 0111_zps21c3507d.jpg 
We loved having the Joovy for when the boys got tired.  Both Jayden and Aidan took advantage at different times.
   photo 0171_zps0851ebce.jpg 
Jayden, Haley, and Aidan after the walk.  

   photo 0281_zps4981c5f5.jpg 
 Evan slept through the walk, but woke for some fun after. 

   photo 0181_zpsbd57279e.jpg
Jayden and Miss Sierra with her dog Daisy.

   photo 0231_zps0fca6a18.jpg 
 Jayden found the basketball game and although it was very high and hard to make a basket, he kept trying and had fun. 

   photo 0301_zps4e9320e1.jpg 
My sweet boys relaxing on the grass together.  


  1. What are the Easter Seals? Sounds like a fun day and I loved seeing pictures of the walk!

    1. Easter Seals is a nonprofit that provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities