Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pumpin Pals Make Pumping More Comfortable

I was provide the below mentioned product in exchange for my honest review.
Pumpin Pal
     Being a nursing mama and a full time employee outside my home means I must pump when I am away from Evan.  I pump at work at least three times a day and I often try to fit in one pump at home nights and weekends.  I have to say that my least favorite thing about breastfeeding is the pumping.  It can be uncomfortable and time consuming.  I recently got a new pump from my insurance.  My first pump seemed to not be getting as much milk out and I really wanted something more of a hospital grade to be sure I was getting the milk.  I was happy when I received a Hygeia Enjoye from my insurance.  But then I tried it out the first time and it hurt so much.  I could not believe how much it hurt.  I had pumped for Jayden for over a year and had been pumping for Evan for over 7 months.  I had never had the pain as bad.  I realized that the flanges were pinching me and I needed larger ones.  The problem is that the pump has one piece flanges.  I began searching for an option and found Pumpin Pals.  I was very happy when they sent me a full set of the super shields to review.

     The Pumpin Pals super shields full set consists of 3 different sizes of angled flanges.  The reason for 3 sizes is that everyone is different and you never know what size you will need until you try them.  Size can even change from pump session to pump session.  Pumpin Pals helps to eliminate constriction of milk ducts that are caused by traditional flanges.  They promote better flow and reduces irritation in the nipple area.  The angle helps users to sit back more comfortably in a natural position.  They are Bisphenol A (BPA) Free and made with medical grade polypropylene.  Plus they are dishwasher safe.  they work with all major pumps on the market. 

     After receiving the Pumpin pals I was excited to try them out for a more comfortable pump session.  It only took a minute or two to figure out how to fit the flange into the Hygeia flanges.  Once I figured it out the super shields fit easily and comfortably.  It took a couple of pump sessions for the pinching and pain to subside, but it did.  I can't say for sure that I have gotten more milk then before since I only used the pump a few times before receiving them.  I love the super shields with my Hygeia pump.  I also have the Medela Pump in Style with removable flanges and the super shields work great with it too.  You just use the super shields to replace the shields that come with the Medela.  So far I have only used the size large flanges, but it is nice having the other two sizes just in case I need them.

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