Saturday, July 6, 2013

Evan 10 Months Update

Ok.. so I am late again!!!  Evan is 10 months old.. or was a week ago or more.  The pictures were taken at the right time... just took me a while to get this post up.  I can't believe how fast he is growing.  I love seeing him grow, explore, and learn everyday, but am sad it is going so fast.  And let me tell you getting pictures now is soooo hard.  He turns, flips, crawls, or whatever to get away.  Come to think of it he does the same when I need to change his diaper.. ugh!  It is such a battle. 

Medical:  Nothing really going on here.  He has been teething and kind of cranky lately, but no real medical concerns. 

Growth:  He is about 20 lbs now.  He is my chunky monkey.  He seems so chunky and love it. 

Clothing Size: He is wearing some 9 months clothing and some 12 months.  Depends on the outfit.

Eating:  LOTS!!  lol!  Well he officially loves to eat.  He eats just about everything.  I have added in green beans, peaches, toast, pancakes, and all the same other stuff.  When we went on vacation he did have some actual baby food jars, I got some of the Gerber organics and he loved it all.  He had some blueberry and some Mac and Cheese in those.  He will grab whatever I am eating.  Oh that reminds me he grabbed one of my french fries while at Sea World and loved it.  He kept taking them, little stinker. 

Sleeping:  He has gone back and forth with crib sleeping.  While on vacation he slept with me the whole time so getting back to his crib has been slow.  He has slept through the night till about 4 or 5 in the morning a couple times.  But mostly he will go down in his crib and wake around midnight and come to be with me or just come straight to bed with me.  Mostly because he doesn't want to go to his bed and I give in.  His room is warm and we need to add a new fan or something for him.  

New Developments:  Evan continues to crawl lightening fast.  He pulls up and climbs on everything.  He likes to climb over things.  He can stand on his own for brief periods.  He has taken a couple of steps, but really prefers to plop down and crawl.  He loves to walk while holding on, laughing the whole time and for the most part he does it on his own with very little help.  He is hitting and biting a lot.  When he hits it is more like a swing of his arms and he lets our a big "Ahhhh".  I think he is playing, but he does hit hard.  He is also biting.  He has bit a few times while nursing and OUCH!  But if I react big he crys.  I usually just tell him no and stop nursing.  He will laugh until he sees no more milk then he gets upset.  He will crawl over and bite my knee when I am on the floor or bite my shoulder when I am holding him.  What is most frustrating is he will take out his pacifier and bite.  He also likes to throw his toys and pacifier.  And I don't think this is new, but don't remember if I mentioned it before, but Evan loves to dance.  He loves music and does the cutest little dances.  He will turn on musical toys and start dancing to the music.  He also likes to dance to music on TV shows and commercials.  He loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.   

LikesHe is loving balls, stacking cups, books, and teethers right now.  He is obsessed with the remote.  When he sees it he will beam in on it and use all his might to get it.  And the stinker knows when you give him a phoney remote.  We have an old one and he doesn't want it he wants the dish remote.  He will even watch the tv as he pushes buttons.  He loves baths and will squirm and pull away to get in a bath tub.  He loved playing in the sand at the beach on vacation.  He would grab up hand fulls and just squeeze it.  

Dislikes:  He still doesn't want to be left alone.  He will throw a fit if you leave him.  He hates being in the pack and play (the sitter says).  We don't have one at home, we took it to the sitters house.  But she says he screams when you put him in there and walk away.  He was also afraid at the ocean.  He would squeeze me tight and didn't want to let go while near the waters edge. 

Words: He continues to babble and grunt when he wants something.  He has signed more when I give him puff treats, but only once or twice.  He mostly grunts and makes silly noises.

New Adventures:  We went on vacation.  We drove out to California to Huntington Beach.  Evan saw the ocean for the first time and the beach.  He also met his grandpa and one of his uncles for the first time.  He went to Sea World and enjoyed all the great shows.  I was proud of me for nursing him at Sea World in a private public place.  I found a nice shady area while we waited for one of the shows to nurse him.     He did great in the car ride there, actually slept pretty much the whole way there.  On the way home it was a little more difficult.  He fussed a little when we first left so we stopped so I could nurse him.  Then just before getting home he was fussy again cause he wanted to nurse again.  He held off until we got home, but it was just like 10 or 12 miles. 

Jayden's Thoughts:  Evan and Jayden are the best of friends.  Evan gets so excited to see Jayden all the time.  The crawl around and play together.  Jayden will help Evan walk.  Jayden likes to give Evan snacks and treats, but Jayden also likes to sample those treats.  Evan follows Jayden everywhere.  Evan is getting a bit more rough and will hit Jayden, pull his hair or bite him.  Lucky Jayden does not do it back.  But I am trying to work with Evan to not do those things. 

By the end of month nine a baby typically:
  (from iVillage):
  • Understands the concept of object permanence - yup (he is so cute when he looks for the items he drops)
  • Gets upset if toy is removed - yup (this is new, before he didn't care but now he gets mad if you take his things)
  • Transfers object from hand to hand - yup
  • Stands holding onto someone - yup
  • Pulls to standing - yup all the time. 
Looks like Evan is already doing all the things listed above to be done by the end of this month again.