Friday, July 5, 2013

Jayden's Pirate Birthday Party At Pump It Up Arrowhead

 I was provided the above mentioned experience in order to provide a review.

     I told you about how we set up Jayden's Pump it Up party at Pump it Up Arrowhead.  The day Jayden's Pump It Up party he was very excited.  I have to admit I was too.  I was excited to see how it all goes and hoped for the best.  Turns out I didn't have to worry because everything went great.  When we arrived the children were all given wrist bands and had a short safety video to watch.  Then we had 2 party leaders tell the children about the treasure that is hidden and that they can help unlock the treasure chest by finding the clues to unveil the numbers to the combination.  The first clue was in the lobby.  It didn't take too long and the clue was found.  On the way back to the party room the party leaders encouraged the kids to sword fight like pirates.

      Once in the first room at Pump It Up Arrowhead the children were told to find the coconut to unveil the next number in the combination.  I was surprised even with 3 big bounce houses free and open the kids still followed along with the story and were excited for each step.  At this time it was free choice play.  There was an obstacle course bouncer, a very tall slide, and a big basketball bounce house.  The kids all started with the big slide and the bounce house with the basketball hoop.  Jayden was a little hesitant, but happily went in to play basketball.  One of the guys working the party even played basketball with him.  I finally called Jayden out to try the slide.  He was scared at first, but I knew that once he tried it he'd have fun.  We went up to the top and slide down together.  I was right he LOVED it.  Pretty much the rest of the night he bugged either John or I to go with him.  He even tried the obstacle course one next.

     The party organizers then called all the kids to the middle of the room.  They gave the children instructions to do when they said certain things.  All the kids played and had so much fun running back and forth and rowing their boats.  When they were done all the kids lined up at the door to search for the last clue in the next room.  They were told to find a pirate hat.  Going through the door we discovered another room with 3 more bounce houses, a large slide, a smaller circle obstacle course with a slide inside, and a large ring with big boxing gloves.  Once again the kids kept on the task of finding the pirate hat for the last clue before going to play.  They soon found the hat and took it to the party organizers.  They had a small treasure chest ready for Jayden to put in the code to unlock the chest.  Once it was open he discovered the last piece of the treasure map and a key.  Jayden was given this to hold onto as well as the hat to wear.

     All the kids then went to play.  The large slide was the favorite once again, but the kids enjoyed all the great play areas.  I was happy to see the adults having just as much fun as the kids.  Toward the end of the playtime the party organizers called all the kids into the boxing ring bounce house.  They separated the kids into two teams and gave them all a bunch of foam balls.  They had them bomb each other.  The kids had so much fun throwing the balls at each other and since they were foam and in a bounce house no one was hurt.  Jayden turned the game around and decided to bomb the party organizers or what he called, "the big guys".  When the war was over all the children were called over to sit on the big blue mat.  It was great because they encouraged everyone to smile for pictures and then make silly faces, and act like a pirate.  We were able to get lots of great photos of all the kids together.

      The children were then called to line up for the party room door.  Everyone was given a squirt of sanitizer to clean their hands.  Then they set up a small bench to be the "plank".  Jayden lead the line as they all "walked the plank" into the party room.  As everyone piled into the room it was already set up.  They had the places set for everyone around the table, the party bags I brought set up, presents, and the cake.  Everything was prepared.  We had a different party helper for this room.  And actually she came and got me a little before we moved to that room to show me how it was set up and to see if I wanted anything different.  She told me how they would do the next part and it was all perfect.  So all the children came in and took a seat while Jayden sat on the big blow up throne.

 (Sorry the video starts sideways, but switches.  Not sure how I did that)

     The manager, Juan, that I talked to and set up the party with was there and helped with the party.  After everyone was seated and ready he brought over Jayden's treasure chest cake and even had candles for the cake.  (I will have a tutorial about making the cake soon.)  Juan had the cake on a rolling cart, lit the candles and got everyone started on singing Happy Birthday.  When we were all done singing Jayden got to use a really cool candle blower to blow out his candles.  It was a fun way to do it.  One of the candles lit back up so he got to use it again.  Then they wheeled the cart over, cut the cake and passed out all the cake and ice cream to everyone.  My mom commented that it was nice to sit back and let someone else do the cake cutting, since that is usually something I have her do.  As everyone enjoyed their cake and ice cream Jayden was asked to let them know when he is done and ready to open gifts.

     When he was ready Jayden sat back in the big blow up throne to open his gifts.  Gifts were handed to him and as he opened them a list was written for us and the gifts put in a large wheeled tub.  After he was done with all his gifts the last thing on the table was a large treasure chest.  Jayden pulled out his keys from the treasure hunt and unlocked the chest.  Inside he found treasure coins and pirate eye patches.  Jayden received a large coin and patch and then was able to pass out a smaller coin and an eye patch to all his friends.  He then passed out all the party bags to his friends.

     The staff at Pump It Up Arrowhead then carried everything out to our car and loaded it all for us.  It was a perfect end to a great party.  We were so pleased with the great service we received.  I really felt like they went above and beyond to make this birthday special and fun for Jayden and all his guests.

Thank you to Pump It Up for sponsoring this review
 I was provided the above mentioned experience in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure
Thank you to Pump It Up for sponsoring this review I was provided the above mentioned experience in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! My grandson would love this place!

  2. It sounds like the staff and organizers were very helpful. That makes it so much better. It looks like a good time was had by all!

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  4. We have Pump It Up in NJ.
    Thanks for the review!

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  7. We don't have one of these where I live but this is really cool. I love that they even had hand sanitizer to give to the kids! Thank you for the nice review and Happy Birthday Jayden lol ;)

  8. this is so cool and i know my daughter would love going to something like this...thank you for sharing.

  9. I agree with you the pictures shows that the kids have lot of fun. I appreciate the idea that they even had hand sanitizer to give to the kids!