Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mom & Baby Can Enjoy the Water With The Beachfront Baby Water Wrap Carrier Review Plus Discount Code

I was provided the below mentioned product in exchange for an honest review.

     This summer when we went to the beach I had to take a moment to really think about how we were going to do it with 2 kids.  Things need a little more planning when you start adding children.  Jayden was an only child for 4 years, so we could easily say lets go here and just go.  But with 2 children we have to plan and prepare more.  So thinking about the beach I had to think how will I be able to enjoy the beach while keeping Evan safe.  Whenever we are out in public I usually wear Evan in a carrier which leaves my hands free for carrying items and holding Jayden's hand.  But I didn't want to take my nice carrier to the beach.  All that sand and sea water would ruin it.  But I found Beachfront Water Wraps and thought it was a perfect solution.  I contacted the company and she was happy to send me a water wrap for me to try and review.  I was very excited that I received the water wrap just 2 days before we left for vacation.

     Beachfront Water Wrap carriers are a must have for summer.  It is made from 100% polyester jersey.  The fabric is very lightweight and breathable.  It has just the right amount of stretch and dries very quickly.  It is great for wearing baby at the beach, at the splash pad, water park, pool, or even the shower.  It can even be used as an everyday wrap.

     I was happy to receive it just in time for our vacation.  When we arrived at the beach I quickly put on the water wrap and put Evan in it.  He was comfortable and happy, he is used to being carried.  The walk down to the beach was easy as he was secure in the wrap.  One of the first things Jayden wanted to do was stand at the waters edge and get our feet wet.  So after we found a spot to put our stuff we all went to the water.  Evan was secure in the water wrap and I was confident he was safe.  I was able to enjoy some water play with Jayden and keep Evan secure.  Evan did get a little scared of the waves and the water crashing down.  But since he was in the wrap he was able to hold on to me and feel safe.  After playing in the water for a little bit Evan and I moved up near the sand.  The Beachfront Water wrap was really easy to remove so Evan could get down and play.  When we were ready to leave the beach I put the wrap on again to carry him to the car.  It was very simple and comfortable.

     After returning home we have gone to the splash pad to play in the water.  I was able to wear the Beachfront Water Wrap carrier with Evan at the splash pad too.  It made it so much easier to play with Jayden and include Evan.  When I am holding Evan in my arms often he will push and try to get down, but in a wrap or carrier he tends to be comfortable and happy.  I have not tried it in the shower as Evan gets his own baths and I try to take that couple of minutes on my own for a shower.  But if I was to I can see how this would be helpful.

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I was provided the below mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I really like this wrap, and with a little one in South Florida, I can definitely see how it can be useful.

  2. I have this carrier and LOVE IT!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE these! I have one and it's so handy when I am going to get wet. I love your color, mine is black. (I still need to write the review too!)

  4. This is very cool! Especially for going to water parks with lil ones!

  5. This is something my niece would love to have for her daughter. Looks soft and comfy