Thursday, July 11, 2013

Take A Fun Family Trip To Sea World

 I was provided tickets for my family in order to provide a review.

     A couple of weeks ago we took a fun family trip.  We drove out to California.  We wanted to take a trip to the beach and at the same time visit some family out there.  Before coming back home we took a drive down to San Diego.  While in San Diego for the day we went to Sea World.  I have not been to Sea World since I was a child.  Needless to say I was excited for myself and the boys.  We wanted to take an easy family trip that included a fun adventure the boys could participate in.  There is lots to do in California and Sea World is something the boys could actually enjoy at their age and both John and I could enjoy too.

     After picking up our tickets we entered the park.  The first thing we did was buy a refillable cup.  This is great because we were able to refill it for only 99 cents at any restaurant and food stand.  We then looked at our map and tried to decide where to go.  There was so much to do and see that we just started to walk.  We realized that the Cats & Dogs show was about to start so we went in to the show.  It was a fun show with some great animal tricks.  When the show was over we were able to go down front and pet a couple of the animals in the show.

     Next Jayden really wanted to see the penguins so we headed over to see the penguins.  We parked our stroller and headed inside.  The tanks were huge and we were all about to see the penguins swimming around.  Jayden was counting them, but lost track since there was so many.  We even found some outside swimming in the water and sitting on the rocks sunning themselves.

     After the penguins were went in to see the turtles.  There were some really huge turtles swimming around.

     Next John picked going to see the sharks.  The shark display was different.  We went into a cave like room and they were in pools that you can see from above.  But then we went in deeper and the sharks were swimming around in large tanks on both sides of us and even above us.  Jayden thought that was too cool.

     We all needed something to eat so we found a place to get a burger.  There was plenty of seating to eat outside.  The park also has a dining card that you can purchase when you arrive that will cover all your food all day.  We decided not to get it since we were only going to eat lunch.  But if you plan to be there all day and eat two or more meals I think it is a great deal.  

     We decided it was time to go see another show.  There was one starting near where we were, but it was already full.  So I checked the Sea World App on my phone to see what else was starting.  Madagascar Live was starting in like 20 minutes so we headed that way.  Unfortunately it was also full.  So looking at the App we really did not want to miss the Shamu Rocks show.  Although it didn't start for an hour we decided to go that way.  There was already a couple of people in line.  I took the opportunity to find a quiet place to nurse Evan while Jayden and John took a break.  Jayden received some money from his grandpa to spend so he was excited to buy a Shamu bubble blower.  When the Shamu Rocks show opened we decided to sit just out of the splash zone.  Oh and by the way the seating was much larger so there was no concern for seating like we thought.

     The show started out with a little about the rescue efforts that Sea World is involved with.  Then the wales came out.  They did some really fun tricks jumping in the air, splashing the audience, and getting up on the platform.  The show was great, the whales are amazing.  It was shorter then I remember it as a kid.  It lasted about 20 minutes total.  Although it was short it was a great show.

     We then decided to see one last show before we left.  We decided on the Blue Horizon's show and headed that way right away.  We did not want to miss it since it would be our last show.  We were a few people back in line and when we got inside I wanted to sit in the center so we could see good.  John wanted to be just out of the splash zone so technically our seats were the last row of splash zone and we didn't get wet at all.  The show was great.  There was a guy playing a guitar and singing to keep everyone occupied prior to the show.  Once the show began there were dolphins and people dressed like birds as they were swinging above the water and would dive in.  It was another great fun show.  Jayden loved watching the people dive in the water and kept telling me, "look mommy. look at him."  He was excited when the dolphins came out and jumped in the air.

     Our visit to Sea World was fun and so easy with a simple drive over.  It was a great day together with the family.  The boys were so exhausted they fell asleep right away in the car and had to be carried to our room.  I would recommend when you visit Sea World take a stroller (we loved using our Joovy Caboose Ultralight), comfortable shoes and buy the reusable cup (food card too if there all day).  Oh and plan.. you need to plan your show visits if you want to be able to get a seat.  You can get a map with a schedule when you first enter the park.  We could not find one later so grab it while you can.  I also downloaded the Sea World App.  I was able to look up the show times and how far away they were from us.  It also listed rides and wait times, although we didn't go on any rides this is a great feature if your into that.  Another great feature of the app is the car locator.  You set the locator when you first leave your car so when you need to find it later it will lead you back to where you were.  Finding our car was simple.   

This is a couple of screen shots of the app as we used it.  It shows times and locations for the shows and wait times for the rides.  Very easy and handy.  Although a few times it was having a hard time updating.  

Thank you to Sea World for sponsoring this Event
 I was provided tickets for my family in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure


  1. We cannot wait to head to Sea World next time we make it to Orlando.

  2. My niece, who now is the mother of my great niece and great nephew, went to SeaWorld with her mother (my sister) when she was about 3 years old. She loved it but.... I asked her if she liked the dolphins, etc., she said well yes, but mommy wouldn't take me to Mickey's house... LOL. It's sad that kids don't know that it costs alot to take them anywhere :) Thank you for the review, looks like you all had a good time :)

  3. I would have loved to see the Blue Horizon's show and the cats and dogs show!! Both look like so much fun! I hope I get to take my family here someday!!

  4. I have been once to Sea World and that was way too long ago. I loved it and would love to go back sometime soon.

  5. I've been to sea world before but i remember being disappointed when i missed a show what a great app! They should have that for all amusement parks!

  6. absolutely love sea world- everyone should go at least once in their lifetime!

  7. the sea world app sounds great to use we will have to try it next time we visit their.

  8. How fun, my kids would love this.