Saturday, July 13, 2013

We Attended the Lego KidsFest Last Night

     Last night the boys and I attended the Lego KidsFest at the University of Phoenix Stadium.  The event started at 4pm, but since I work until 4 we didn't get there until after 5:30.  But since it was open until 8:30 we had plenty of time to see everything.  When we first arrived we first looked at some of the great Lego statues.  We found a few of Jayden's favorites.

Lightening McQueen

Buzz Lightyear and Woody

After looking around we found a fun place to make your own lego car and race them.  Jayden loved this area and we spent quite a bit of time there.

     As we walked around more Jayden was of course drawn to the Cardinals football booth.  He tried throwing the football through the hole a couple times.  


We walked over to the large lego area. 

  They had the Bissell Perfect sweeper.  Jayden loved using it to pick up the legos.  It worked great.  Jayden actually begged me to go back and do it again.

      Then he wanted to jump in the big pile of legos. 

We then took more fun pictures.

They had a table to get free identification cards for the kids.  

We then finished by playing in the larger duplo legos.  Evan got to get down and play there too.  

The Lego KidsFest is open today and again tomorrow.  Be sure to get your tickets and have fun.  Check out this post for more information about getting your tickets. 


  1. wow how neat!!! the kids would go wild if they where surrounded by soo many legos

  2. What a blast, I know my kids would love that Cars lego car. Love your photos too, and the kids sure look like they are having fun.