Friday, August 2, 2013

Evan 11 Month Update

Ok.. so I am late again!!!  Evan is 11 months old.. or was a week ago or more.  The pictures were taken at the right time... just took me a while to get this post up.  My baby is getting so big.  Getting pictures now is soooo hard.  He turns, flips, crawls, walks or whatever to get away.

Medical:  Nothing really going on here.  He's doing great.

Growth:  He is about 21 lbs now.  He seems to be stretching out.

Clothing Size: He is wearing mostly 12 months in clothes, but some 9 months still fit him. 

Eating:  He is eating well.  We have added in chicken, broccoli, and spinach.  I can't say he LOVES them.. but he tolerates them, mostly because I dip it in the fruits. He has also had some beans and pasta and likes those.

Sleeping:  He likes to stay up late... He does not want to sleep and really does not want to sleep in his crib.  I am thinking that his room gets hot because I can put him in there asleep and he wakes soon after.  Hoping when it cools of more he will do better.  But when he sleeps with me he sleeps great all night.  

New Developments:  Evan is walking!!  He has been walking a few weeks now.  He is getting better and better each day.  He is all over the place.  He has to pull up on something to stand and walk.  Jayden used to stand up in the middle of the room before he was even walking.  I think Evan walks like he has something sticky on his feet.  It is so cute how high he lifts his feet.  He also likes to just stop and stand there and then walk again.  He is able to turn and walk without falling most the time.  Evan is saying "bye, bye" and waving when he wants.  I always try to get him to do it, but he is stubborn and only does it when he wants.  He tries to say, "Jayden" and it really does sound like he is saying Jayden.

LikesHe is still obsessed with the remote.  He loves baths and will squirm and pull away to get in a bath tub.  One day last week John was giving Jayden a bath and Evan sat outside the bathroom door screaming, crying and beating on the door.  He was so sad.  I had to take him in and let him take a bath too.  He continues to like anything he can put in other things.  He tries to figure out ways of putting things inside of other things.  He likes books, balls, and anything musical.  He loves to dance and move to music. 

Dislikes:  He seems to not like his crib.  He won't stay in there very long before he wakes up.  Not sure if its the crib or because his room is hot.

Words: He is saying, "bye, bye" when he wants.  Mama, dada, nana, and even has mumbled Jayden.  At the sitters house one day when I went to pick him up he walked over to the sitter, looked up at her, and said, "nana."  It was so cute and she was so happy to hear him say nana to her.  He has signed for more a few times and once I swear he signed more eat.

New Adventures:  Not too much new.  We did go to the Children's Museum this month and to Chuck E Cheese.  

Jayden's Thoughts:  Jayden saw a news story the other day that made him sad.  He came to me (I was changing Evan's diaper in the room) and said, "mommy that man on the news was mean and he killed the baby.  Those killers are not good.  We need to keep the killers away from our baby because we love our baby."  It made me sad he had to see about the man that killed a baby on tv, but happy to know he was so protective of his baby brother.  He was even stroking Evan's arm and kissed him.  At night Jayden wants to give me 5 kisses and give Evan 5 kisses.  Jayden sometimes plays a little too rough and even gave Evan a bruise on his forehead when they bumped heads.  But Evan is a rough and tumble boy and loves the rough play most the time. 

By the end of month nine a baby typically:
  (from iVillage):
  • Says "ma-ma" and "da-da" discriminately -- Yup
  • Understands "no" -- Yup
  • Claps hands -- Yup
  • Waves bye-bye -- Yup (when he wants, stinker)
Looks like Evan is already doing all the things listed above to be done by the end of this month again.

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