Saturday, August 24, 2013

Evan is 1 Year Old!

Wow I can not believe that my baby boy is 1 year old.  Time has just gone by so quickly!  His birthday was last Wednesday and we are having his party tomorrow.  Technically I should be cleaning house to prepare since he is asleep now, but I wanted to write this update first. 

Medical:  Not too much going on.  I did take him to the doctor last week.  He had a really runny nose and was super cranky.  The sitter called while I was at work because he was crying lots and pulling on his ears.  He does not cry like that so I called the doctor.  It turns out it was just a little cold.  And mostly it is gone, with just a runny nose sometimes now.  But at least he is back to being my happy boy.

Growth:  Not really sure.  When we went to the doctor he was just over 21lbs, almost 22.  So I'm sure he didn't change too much.  Not sure how long.  I will find out at his doctor appointment next week. 

Clothing Size: He is wearing 12 months mostly.  He has a few outfits that are 9 months that fit, but they are getting tight and 18 months is way to big right now. 

Eating:  He is not really liking baby food anymore.  He prefers real food.  He loves pasta, just about anything pasta.  He LOVES macaroni and cheese and spaghetti.  He has had some baby ravioli and likes it.  He loves fruit, but not big on the veggies.  Looks like he will be like me as a baby.. I hated my veggies too.  Evan has been using a sippy cup for drinking water and really likes it.  Although he is lazy and wants us to hold it for him.  He is still breastfeeding and getting expressed milk.  I think on Monday I will start to mix his milk with whole milk for the sitters house, or the next week.  I'm not sure.  I have cut down my pumping to only once or twice at work.  I have been using up the freezer stash.  Even when he is on whole milk with the sitter I will still breastfeed at home as long as he wants.  It doesn't look like he will be ready anytime soon.  He does the cutest thing now.. He will bring me the Boppy Breastfeeding pillow and when I put it on my lap he gets so happy he claps and laughs.  He loves nursing.

Sleeping:  Nights have been a little difficult lately.  He wants to say up late and takes forever to fall asleep.  Then by the time I get him to sleep I am exhausted and can't get on the computer.  That would explain my lack of posts lately.  Hoping this gets better soon.  He is sleeping in his crib for naps on the weekends, but at night mostly co-sleeping. 

New Developments:  Well he has gone from walking to running.  He is everywhere!!  He runs so fast and has had a few accidents running into the wall.  He is able to stand without pulling up.  He is also a dancing fool.  He has always loved music, but now he will dance and move.  It is so very cute.  He likes to walk around with anything that plays music.  His favorite is the Leap Frog Scout dog. 

LikesEvan likes music and anything musical.  He loves his Leap Frog Scout dog and stacking type toys.  He likes putting things into other things.  He loves bath and especially being naked.  When I take his diaper off he will laugh and run away.  He is so funny.  He runs around and likes to hold his little manhood.  I have to practically tackle him down to get a new diaper on him. 

Dislikes: Veggies!  He is not liking veggies at all.  He puts them in his mouth and spits them back out. 

Words: He is saying, "bye, bye" when he wants.  Mama, dada, nana, and even has mumbled Jayden.  At the sitters house one day when I went to pick him up he walked over to the sitter, looked up at her, and said, "nana."  It was so cute and she was so happy to hear him say nana to her.  He has signed for more a few times and once I swear he signed more eat.

New Adventures:  We went to the mall play center with my friend last week and Evan loved it.  He was all over the place.  It was so cute and tiring since I had to chase him around.  When Jayden was his age he was to shy and timid to play there, but Evan just goes crazy.  He is trying to climb on the toys and doesn't care the kids are twice his size.  He also played at the McDonalds play place.  Jayden wanted to go bowling last weekend so I took him while John was at work.  I expected Evan to be running around and me chasing him, but he was a little scared and wanted to be held the whole time.  It was a little dark, lots of people, and music playing.  I had to bowl while holding him. 

Jayden's Thoughts:  Jayden still loves his little brother, although he gets a little frustrated with him.  Evan misses Jayden all day while he is at Kindergarten.  So when we get home Evan is all over Jayden.  So sometimes Jayden is annoyed, but ultimately he says he loves him and gives him lots of kisses before bed at night. 

By the end of month nine a baby typically:
  (from iVillage):

    • May take one to two naps daily  (usually 2, 1 shorter and 1 longer)
    • Triples birth weight and is 29 to 32 inches long  (not triple his weight, but he was almost 9 at birth so that is fine.)
    • Bangs two cubes together (yup and anything else he can bang together)
    • Puts objects into containers and then takes them out (yup again all the time)
    • Voluntarily lets objects go (when he wants to yes)
    • Shakes head "no" (um.. yup!  and nods Yes real big too)
    • Has fun opening and closing cabinet doors (Yup on that one.)
    • Crawls well (yup, lightening speed)
    • "Cruises" furniture (yup, but prefers to just walk)
    • Walks with adult help (Well, walks alone)
    • Says "ma-ma" and "da-da" (yup)
    • "Dances" to music (loves music and to dance)
    • Interested in books and may identify some things (he always brings me books to read)
    • May understand some simple commands (yes when you ask him to get you something or to clean up he does it)
    • Fearful of strangers (sometimes, but mostly scares me since he goes to just about anyone)
    • Shares toys but wants them back (yes and yes)
    • May form attachment to an item (seems to be his Leap Frog Scout dog)
    • Pushes away what he doesn't want (yup)
    • Prefers to push, pull and dump items (yea he does that)
    • Pulls off hat and socks (yes always... I try to put hats on him and he always pulls them off)
    • Understands use of certain objects (I'd say yes.  He has started to use a fork and knows how to pour cups in the bathtub.)
    • Tests parental responses to behavior (yes.. stinker!  He will look at us to see what we do when he does things he knows are not alright)
    • Extends arm or leg when getting dressed (yup)
    • Identifies self in mirror (yes, loves to look in the mirror)
      Evan has master all the items above before expected again.  He is moving along so quickly. 

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