Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Explorer Set Review

 I was provided the below mentioned products in order to provide a review.
     Jayden has always loved searching for bugs.  He has captured bugs many times.  When we received the Pretend & Play Explorer Set from Learning Resources to review Jayden was very excited to find all the great bug catching items.  He wanted to run outside right away to find bugs.  But being about 115 degrees out in the middle of the day that wasn't going to happen.  We had to wait for it to get a little cooler and darker.  So instead he explored the set in the house just to see how it all worked.  All it did was get him excited for using it later.

     The Pretend & Play Explorer Set comes with everything some great bug catching gear as well as some items for growing plants.  The set is a great starter set for bringing science into a child's world.  The magnifying observation box is perfect for putting your bug finds and watching them closely.  There is a butterfly net for catching flying bugs.  The bug scooper is great for catching those really fast bugs that you don't really want to touch yourself.  There is sort of a Swiss army type gadget with tweezers, ruler, compass and a magnifying glass in it.  There is also a write and wipe guide that is great for use while bug hunting, growing plants, or just learning.

     Jayden really liked going out and searching for bugs to capture and keep in his new bug boxes.  He used the bug scooper and was able to get a bug or two.  He tried to use the butterfly net, but there really were not any flying bugs around except for mosquitoes and those are hard to see let alone catch.  He found a small bug and tried to get it with the bug scooper, but it was too fast.  We decided to go in the back yard and see if we could find any bugs there since there were hardly any in the front yard.  Right away Jayden found some little black ants, but they were hard to pick up.  After a few tries he tried using the tweezers and still no luck.  They were very small and fast.  Then they all started to climb on us and bite our legs.  We decided to give up for the night and try another night.  I had to promise we would do it again soon.

     The set also comes with some mini garden tools too.  Jayden likes to care for plants when he can so this is a great little starter set for growing his own plants.  The garden tools are a small size just right for little hands.  The pot is small and works for starting out a plant, but if your going to be growing a plant for long you will need to transfer it somewhere larger.  The garden tools are perfect size for little hands.  They are pretty sturdy also.

     The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Explore Set is great for learning and exploring nature.  I really like that the set comes with a nice hard case that has a handle.  Jayden can easily carry this set with him wherever he wants to explore. 

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 I was provided the above mentioned products in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure

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  1. this learning set would be perfect for the little one...i know mines would love something like this..she can help grandma with her garden.