Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Baby Started Kindergarten This Week

     I can't believe my little man started Kindergarten this week.  He is so excited, but I have been a nervous wreck.  I am excited for him and this new venture in his life, but also scared to death.  I have to trust strangers to watch my little man and protect him.  That is really scary.

     We went to meet the teacher night last Thursday and we met his teachers, yes I said teachers.  The school Jayden is attending has continuity of care.  That means they have the same teachers for 3 years and they specialize in an area for those 3 years.  So he has 3 teachers and will have those same teachers for Kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade.  He will then get 3 new teachers for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.  Then one last time he will switch and have 3 new teachers for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.  I really like this concept since his teachers will really get to know him and his abilities.  Plus there will be much less of the new school year trying to figure out where he is.  Teachers can just move on to the next level.  Since Jayden can be a little shy and slow to warm this is a perfect set up for him.  I look forward to him getting to know his teachers. 

     I'm also having a little bit of a hard time with the drop off arrangements.  Monday I took Jayden to school, but from now on John will do it.  Jayden's school starts at 8:00 and he can be on campus no earlier then 7:30 unless he is in the before school program.  I start my work day at 7:30 across town.  I didn't want to change my work schedule because I would get off much later and it would make it hard to pick him up after school on time.  So John is taking on school drop off everyday.  And I will be picking him up most days from after school, except days John is off work and picks him up as soon as school is out.  So here we go again.  I left my baby with teachers I barely know and have to trust they will take care of him and protect him.  And most days those teachers will hand him off to an after school program.  I'm so nervous and worried.  Please tell me it will be alright..not that it will help, but I want to hear it.  I'm worried about Jayden getting his needs met, bullies, and just about anything you can think of.

     You would think I would be fine and not worry so much.  I mean for years people have been bringing me their babies (3 and 4 year olds) and leaving them with me in my classroom.  I always knew it was difficult, but never imagined just how difficult until now.  I know I put everything I had into caring for other peoples babies and keeping them safe.  I just pray that Jayden's teachers do the same for mine.  I guess only time will tell.  I have high hopes and knots in my stomach. 

     After Jayden's first day in school he came home and told me all about the fun things he learned.  He told me what each finger means.  So if you raise your hand with 1 finger you have to go potty, if its 2 fingers your thirsty, and so on.  He also told me all about PE class and playing basketball.  He loved that.  So much so he spent the rest of the evening acting it all out and being the coach.  He even told us we needed to call him coach.  When I asked him to do things he had to decide if it was something a coach would do.  It was hilarious and adorable.  Today was a little different.  He had a fun day don't get me wrong, but he went to afterschool and during that time he had an accident.  The caregiver said she asked if he needed to go and he just asked for me or Ms. Breed (one of his teachers), but we were not available.  He had an accident, but she was really nice and helped him to clean up.  I shared his fear of the toilet and some of his cues that he needs to go.  Jayden said he thought the bathroom was gonna be loud and scary, but it wasn't that bad.  He still had a happy day and received another star in class.  I am a little worried about continued issues with using the bathroom.  John is going to talk to his teacher in the morning.  Also, I sent him a packed lunch today and it was not even opened when he got home today.  I asked if he ate the school lunch and he could not give me a straight answer.  He is not starving when he gets home, so I assume he is eating.  But yet another thing for John to talk to his teacher about. 

     Well, thanks for listening to my ramblings and worries.  Did/Do you have similar worries and concerns with sending your child(ren) off to strangers at school?  I swear it is so much more difficult then I thought.  I have not had to have much change in Jayden's care since he has been with the same baby sitter since he was 3 months old.  And I called her a couple times each day for the first week or two.  Do you think his teachers would mind if I called to check on him?  Yea, probably!  :'(


  1. My kids will start school in two weeks. half of them are excited, one of them not so much. I'm getting a little anxious!

  2. I visited my son's school in session. I popped there unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Every parent should do this. They had some structured learning but also a lot of playing which I think is the best way for children to learn.