Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Never} Wordless Wednesday~ My Sweet 1 Year Old Boy!!

I can't believe my sweet baby boy is 1 year old!!! Well he was on Wednesday (when this was supposed to be posted, but of course I didn't get it up so here it is).  I had pictures taken by my friend at Kathy Romero Photography again and she sent me a quick sampling and they turned out so cute!! 

He was not easy to photograph since he kept wanting to get up and walk away.  

Evan always makes this face and I love it!  
Oh and by the way my mom made the props (the hat, tie, diaper cover, and onesie).  She did an awesome job and I love how they turned out.  


He really was not having the cake.  He did not like how sticky the frosting was on his hands. 

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