Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Never} Wordless Wednesday ~ Evan's First Birthday Party

  We had Evan's first birthday last weekend.  We had a small party at home.  It was nice that it was small and no too many people.  Jayden's first birthday was so big with so many people it was stressful.  This one was so easy

I was excited that I found a onesie that matched the birthday decorations and was able to customize it with Evan's name. 

Evan was walking around and showing off his dance moves.

Evan ate pizza and loved it.  

Jayden and Aidan were happy to help with opening presents. 

Evan let the boys open his gifts after the first couple.  He was done. 

Not sure why he was making this face, but I thought it was funny.

Dancing with his new CD player.

Little stinker could not wait for the cake.  My mom made that cute monkey cake.

He loved his cake and homemade ice cream.

Happy Birthday boy!

Everyone loves the cake.

Play time with Uncle Kenny.

He loves putting things inside, this was a great gift from grandma.

Evan thought big brother was silly with a party hat and blower.


  1. we did a monkey theme for Eliana's first birthday it was so much fun i loved that theme. looks like he had a blast :)

  2. I love his monkey cake! Happy Birthday Evan!!

  3. LOVE the cake & the onesie! Happy Birthday to him!!

  4. I love the theme... Happy Birthday Evan!

  5. Wow, your mom did a great job on the cake!! The monkey theme is adorable (I did that for Erik's 2nd bday I think, can't go wrong with monkeys), and I love the matching onesie!
    He's growing up so fast!! Getting cuter all of the time too (how is that possible)? :)

  6. Awww, how cute! I can't believe that a year has passed already, too fast! Happy Birthday!

  7. Love the monkeys! Happy Birthday :)I cannot believe a whole year has already passed by.

  8. Holy cow, how is he a year old? lol The cake was awesome and it looks like you all had a fun time!

  9. I can't believe our babies are one now... it seems like we were all posting birth announcements. So crazy. And I can't believe how well Evan is walking!! Such a big boy.