Monday, September 2, 2013

Jazz For Babies Review & Giveaway (First Birthday Gift)

 I was provided the below mentioned products in order to provide a review.
Jazz for Babies

     My boys have always been a fan of any kind of music.  Even before they were born I would play music for each of them in the womb.  So it was not a surprise when the came out loving music.  They both move and dance to music.  Music has also been helpful in getting them to sleep.  Jayden used to have a sound machine that would help him.  The mobile in Evan's room seems to be just a little too loud for Evan and it keeps him up rather then help to sleep.  My husband discovered that one of Evan's toys plays sleepy music and it helps him to sleep, but it turns off after 10 minutes.  If Evan is not all the way asleep then we have to turn it on again.  I was recently offered the opportunity to try Jazz for Babies. 

Bundle Image     Jazz for Babies is a collection of beautiful acoustic music played by world-class musicians.  There are five albums that have some of the worlds most beautiful songs.  Early sounds heard by baby can form a lasting bond.  Jazz for Babies brings familiar songs in acoustic jazz form to sooth baby and calm parents.  There are 5 albums total with each featuring a different instrument, Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Trumpet, and Vibraphone.  Each of the albums have 15 songs such as, You Are My Sunshine, My Funny Valentine, A Child Is Born, and more.  Some of the same songs are on different albums, but sound different since it is a different instrument featured.  You can even listen to a sample of the music online. 

     I love that the songs are familiar, but with a soothing tone.  The music is very calming and helps Evan to relax and fall asleep when needed.  I really like that it is not your typical baby lullaby music.  This music is soothing and enjoyable.  I like listening to it with my kids.  I am keeping at least one of the CDs in my car for those really bad traffic days to help me and the kids get through it.  I can't really decide which album is my favorite.  I like something about each of them.

     Jazz for Babies can be purchased as physical albums either individually or as a set.  Or you can purchase the albums digitally either full albums or pick and choose the songs you like.  These make a great gift baby shower or newborn gift.  Evan received his as part of his First Birthday Celebration and we love them. 

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  1. It helps babies develop inspirational thinking.

  2. I love that it is calming
    I would love the CDs – Digital Albums – Individual Tracks
    The Saxophone Album

  3. babies respond and remember what they hear in the womb.

    The Guitar Album

  4. I would love the Guitar or piano one as they are my favorite instruments. I like that you can send a free MP3 download to a friend!

  5. I'm most excited about the Piano one and Funny Valentine

  6. I would like the piano and guitar one

  7. I've introduced all of my kids to music early on, I love the idea of modifying jazz for babies. I was almost a professional trumpet player (decided to stay local and home with my kids instead), so I'd love to get the trumpet album.

  8. I learned this can help with their learning process. I would love the piano track

  9. I learned that Steve Hamilton is on the piano. I think I'd love the The Piano Album
    Michelle Tucker