Friday, September 13, 2013

ShooShoos For Beginning Walkers Plus 30% off Discount Code (1st Birthday Gift)

 I was provided the below mentioned products in order to provide a review.
 shooshoos USA - Soft leather baby shoes, infant shoes, and toddler shoes

     Evan moved so quickly to walking I almost don't remember how it started.  He was crawling one day and it seems like the next he was walking and that night he was running.  Ok, so maybe not that fast, but it was a fast progression.  Anyway, now that he is walking and yes running around I started thinking about shoes.  I am not one for putting shoes on those cute little feet unless that are being used to walk on.  I know that beginning walkers do best when barefoot, but there are times that barefoot is not alright.  I do not want Evan walking around in public without something to protect his feet.  So I had to start thinking about shoes.  I didn't want stiff shoes that make it hard for him to move and walk.  I asked around and another blogging friend suggested ShooShoos.  I checked out their site and thought they had cute stuff.  I was very happy when they agreed to send Evan a pair of shoes to review for his birthday.

     Evan received the white/grey/navy smiley shoes.  They are made with a soft leather.  The soles are light and flexible.  This makes it easier for his feet to move and flex.  Since he is not used to wearing baby shoes on his feet.  The soles are non-slip.  The shoes fasten with velcro so there are not laces to trip on or have to tie.  There is a small amount of elastic around the ankle to help keep them on.  I love that the bottom of the shoe has a little smiley face on it.

     The very first time I put these shoes on Evan he was hesitant to move.  He was not sure what to think.  He was a bit awkward walking in them as I expected since he had never worn shoes before.  But he took a few steps and tried.  He would drop down and crawl a few feet and then try standing to walk again.  He is slowly getting better at walking with Shooshoos on.  Not only are they flexible and easy for him to walk in, but they are cute too.  Evan can wear his Shooshoos with just about anything and they look adorable.
Baby shoes discount sale
     Shooshooes carries a few different styles of leather baby shoes.  There are even some really cute sandals.  And the great people over at ShooShoos are offering all Arizona Mama readers a special 30% off discount code.  Just use the code Arizonamama to receive the discount.

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Thank you to ShooShoos for sponsoring the review & discount code.
 I was provided the above mentioned products in order to provide a review. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure


  1. My little guy has such WIDE feet, we really can't find any shoes that fit him :( I wonder if these would work?

  2. Those are super cute! I'm sure we will be needing shoes here before long!!

  3. those are super cute! We've had several pairs of Shooshoos for Sawyer and they've been great!

  4. I love how cute these are and since we don't really save shoes to pass down, I'll have to check into a pair or two for Brynlee. So colorful and cute!

  5. Oh my gosh, those shoes are adorable. How nice to have a pair of shoes that are good for new walkers!

  6. I love these shoes! We had a pair for Connor and they were so adorable, not to mention perfect for new walkers.

  7. Those are adorable, I need to get some for my baby Jack!

  8. These shoes are so cute I would have loved having a pair for my son when he was learning to walk.

  9. My wife is expecting in the Spring and we can't wait to start looking for tiny shoes.