Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Displays for a Child's Room

This post was inspired by posterframedepot.com

     Jayden is growing up from a baby to a boy.  I know he is 5 and has been past a baby for a while now, but its hard to admit.  Recently I was looking at his room and realize that he still has some of his baby stuff displayed.  I still have his baby quilt up in the room along with the wall hangings that came with his baby bedding.  I have replaced his bedding with All Star Sports Children's Bedding, but the walls are still decorated in his baby theme.  So far he has not complained, but I know it needs to be updated for him.  I am just not too sure how to decorate them.  I don't want the walls to be blank. 
     I have thought about just making posters out of photos for him.  My friend actually gave me the idea.  She make a really cute poster of Jayden and her son Aidan a couple years back.  It has pictures of them playing together many times.  They have been friends since Jayden was not even a year old and Aidan was barely 6 months old.  I love the poster, but need something to put it in for display.  I just heard about posterframedepot.com today and might have to look for the size I need.  Depending how it turns out I might have to make a brothers poster with Jayden and Evan and maybe even a cousins poster with my nieces and nephew in one too.  That might be a fun way to decorate his walls and not be too baby for him.  I could even mix in some posters of his favorite sports players like Larry Fitzgerald and Curt Warner.  That gives me an idea... A long while back Jayden got to meet Curt Warner and got his autograph.  We have photos from that meeting.  I think I will add them to a poster and get that framed too.           

     OK, seems now I have lots of work to get done on Jayden's room.  How do you have your child's room displays?  Do you use photos, wall art, posters?  I'd love to ideas to get going in Jayden's room.

This post was inspired by posterframedepot.com.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure

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  1. Posters are such a fun way to decorate your childs room. We use wall stickers on my son's wall.