Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Etymotic "The Bean" Quiet Sound Amplifier #sponsored #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Etymotic. I received a product to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
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     Often while watching television my husband will turn the volume up to a level that is just too loud.  When I ask him to turn it down he says if he does then he can not hear it.  I tease him that he is getting old and his ears are not working well.  But in the teasing it is actually a little true.  It is no secret that he is 8 years older then I am.  He has a head start on that aging process.  I remember years ago when we were first dating we saw a commercial that showed a man and a woman in bed together and he is wearing a hearing aid type device so he can hear the television as the woman is sleeping.  We used to laugh a little about it and almost thought it was a little silly.  But now that is our reality.  John can not hear the television if the sound is too low or there is too much noise around, usually from the boys.  Many times when John and I are trying to have simple conversations he will stop it and just say never mind.  Not because he is upset with what is being said, but because he is frustrated with hearing what I am saying above the boys noise.  Then of course I am frustrated because I want to finish the conversation.  He recently started telling me he'd like to try a sound amplifier so he doesn't have to struggle to hear conversations or the television.  When I saw the opportunity to try the Etymotic, "The Bean" quiet sound amplifier I jumped at the chance. 


   The Etymotic Bean is designed to amplify the quiet sounds.  It has a built in sensor that automatically adjusts to the noise level.  It will amplify the soft sounds while it keeps the other sounds steady or even reduces the very loud sounds.  Best of all it gives the soft high pitched sounds in speech a boost, which helps in conversations in noisy situations.  The Bean is effective in the car, social situations, and at a distance.  The Bean comes ready-fit and can be used when needed without a prescription.  It offers two levels of enhancement with a 2 position switch.  It does not need any adjustments.  The battery life is 10-12 days and it gives a subtle, low battery signal alert before the battery dies.  It is designed to fit comfortably in either ear and does not require any custom molds.  They are small and fit comfortably and discreetly.  When purchased you will also receive The Bean quiet sound amplifier, 7 eartips of different sizes and materials for best fit and comfort, package of batteries, filter tool, extra filters, and a leather case. 

     The first time John tried the Bean was while he was home alone.  He said it fit comfortably in his ear.  He didn't notice anything different.  But I reminded him that there was no background noise to help make that distinction.  So he tried it again one busy morning while the boys were being loud and we were trying to talk. The next time he tried it he was surprised at the difference it made.  He was able to focus on the conversation without being distracted by the boys and their noise.  I even tried to talk in a softer voice and the Bean picked it up so he heard me clearly.  He was also able to hear the television without it being turned up all the way.  This is great because I get annoyed with the loud television, plus when the television is turned up all the way the noise level of our boys goes up too. 

     The Bean is available as a single ear piece or as a pair.  These quiet sound amplifiers are helpful for anyone that has a hard time hearing in a crowd or in noisy situations.  I am glad we were able to try out these and now hope they will continue to help my husband as he is watching television and having a conversation. 

Buy it: The BEAN Personal Sound Amplifier by Etymotic Research

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Etymotic. I received a product to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. disclosure


  1. I would love this to use while I'm doing chores. It can get noisy at my house with my kids playing and the television on. I won't miss any phone calls!

  2. This sounds like a great product, even for those who just want the 'background noise' to be overpowered by the television (like at my house). This way dad can hear the tv, the kids can be kids, and mom doesn't go crazy with all of the noise! :)

  3. These are exactly what my grandma could've used! She had the worst hearing! I like how discreet they are. I'd probably go with the brushed gold.

  4. I totally know somebody who could use this right now.

  5. this looks like something my hubby would be interested in thanks for sharing

  6. I"ve always been curious about these and wondered if they worked.

  7. I'm always the one needing the TV turned up!! What a neat concept!!

  8. My house is soooo loud that I often can't hear my husband talking. And my husband also turns the volume up on the TV! This might help us.

  9. these would be great for my aunt,she is always complaining that she can't hear.