Monday, October 14, 2013

Family Fun at Tolmachoff Farms for Fall

My family was provided admission into the farm as well as tickets for some rides in exchange for a review.

     I am always up for taking the boys to experience fun activities.  Now that it is fall there are more and more activities to participate in.  One thing that I really try to do every year is to visit the farm and pumpkin patch.  We are so lucky to have a great farm just a couple miles from our house.  You might remember that last year we got our Christmas Tree from Tolmachoff Farms.  I love that it is so close and they have so many fun things to participate in this time of year.  We went to Tolmachoff Farms today for a family fun day.  Although my husband had to work, my mom went with me and the boys.  Jayden was very excited to return to the farm.

    The first thing Jayden wanted to do was ride on the John Deer tricycles.  They had larger petal bikes, but they were too big for Jayden.  The boys had fun riding trikes for a little bit.  Then Jayden saw the water pump.  He had so much fun pumping water and watching the duck go to the other end.  Someone on the other end would pump it back to him.  I had to tear him away to do more fun stuff.  I love that they have so many fun photo props.  We tried out quite a few of them.

     We went over to see the goats and popbelly pig.  Jayden even fed them some pellets.  Although he says the pig bit his finger, he was holding his hand too high.  He decided just to feed the goats, because they didn't bite him.  Evan was not too sure of the goats or the pig.  He did pet them, but had to hold on tight to me while he did it.

     They had a fun train ride for the kids too.  Jayden got in the one painted like a cow and went for a fun ride around the farm and back.  Although there were lots of people there with so much to do the lines were not long at all.  Jayden walked up and joined right on the train with no wait.  After the train we went in the mini corn maze.  They have two a family maze or a mini maze.  Jayden led the way in the maze and told us he knew the way because he had a map.  I love his imagination.  He gave us all maps so we would not get lost. 

     After the maze we found our way to the pony rides.  Jayden was very excited and nervous about the pony rides.  They had two ponies walking around for rides.  Jayden waited in line and was happy to ride on the smaller of the two ponies, his name was Nugget.  Jayden was so excited and I was proud of him for going outside his comfort zone.

     There are a couple of places on the farm that have big boxes of corn.  Instead of a sandbox they have a corn box.  Jayden jumped right in to play.  He was making corn angels.  He wanted Evan to come in, but Evan was not so excited about it and wanted out immediately.  But he had fun walking around and picking the corn up.

     By this time Jayden was ready for the potato cannon.  Yup that is right they had a potato cannon set up.  You got 3 chances to hit a target and if you hit it you could win a t-shirt or a pumpkin.  Jayden was determined to win, he wanted that pumpkin.  He did really well and I think he shot his potato the furthest, but didn't his the target.

     So to end our day we decided we needed to pick out a pumpkin.  Jayden walked around looking at all the pumpkins.  He kept trying to get the biggest pumpkin.  So I told him he could only pick the pumpkin if he could pick it up.  I didn't want a huge pumpkin, although they had many of them.  We just wanted a nice size that is round.  After hunting through all the pumpkins Jayden finally found the perfect pumpkin.  It was small enough for him to carry, but large enough to carve, and it was almost perfectly round.  So we ended our trip to the farm with getting the most perfect pumpkin.  And it was only $3!!  They have great prices on pumpkins.

     If your looking for a fun family fall place to visit then I highly recommend Tolmachoff farms.  The people are always friendly and there is so much fun to do.  Oh I forgot to mention they also have lots of food and drinks for sale too.  And at night for those of you that like to be scared they have a haunted maze on Friday and Saturday nights, plus Halloween night.

     They are open daily, but some activities are only available on the weekends.  Check their website for farm hours and you can also go to their website and print a $2 off coupon for admission.  Make sure you Like Tolmachoff Farms on facebook.

Tolmachoff Farms
5726 N. 75th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85303

Thank you to Tolmachoff Farms for sponsoring this post. 
 My family was provided admission into the farm as well as tickets for some rides in exchange for a review.  I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure


  1. What a fun place to take your kids if I was in Arizona I would certainly take my son.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time :-)

  3. I love that they have so many different activities! We haven't been there before, but have wanted to check it out with the family. I'm so glad I saw this review, it reminds me I need to take the kids and enjoy some fun family time!

  4. Aww it looks like they had so much fun! I love farms like this!