Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Halloween With Costume Discounters Spiderman Costumes

I was provided the below mentioned products in order to provide a review
 Costume Discounters

     It is almost Halloween already.  I can't believe how fast the time is going.  I asked Jayden what he wanted to be this year and he surprised me with Spiderman.  We have not let him watch the movies since he's only 5 years old.  Plus Jayden has not really ever been a fan of things that cover his face.  I told him the costume will have a mask and he was fine with that.  So I went online to Costume Discounters with Jayden and allowed him to pick a Spiderman costume.  There are so many to choose from, but he picked out the Child Spiderman Movie Classic Muscle Costume.  I was surprised since not only was there a mask, but a full face and head mask.  I inquired if the realized that and he said he did.  So I ordered it.  A few days later a package arrived with the costume inside.  When Jayden saw it he was so happy and excited he was jumping up and down.  He asked if he could put it on right away.
Spiderman/Spidergirl Costumes - Child Spiderman Movie Classic Muscle Costume
     Jayden tried on the Spiderman costume.  I ordered it in the size small 4-6, Jayden usually wears a 5.  The costume as you can see fit perfect.  The pants and arms are long enough.  That is great because Jayden is a long skinny kid and things that fit his little waist are usually too short.  The costume itself is a one piece with built in foam muscles on the chest.  Jayden asked why it had pillows in it.  I explained it was so it looked like he had muscles.  He told me his muscles are not that big.  I said I know, but Spidermans are and he needed the pillows to look more like Spiderman.  He was alright with that answer.  There are a couple of velcro tabs int he back to close it up.  The mask covers his whole face and head.  It also has velcro tabs in the back.  There is a yellow mesh material that cover the eyes.  Jayden says he can see really well out of it.  The mask tucks into the costume so it flows better.

     When Jayden was trying it on John came home from work.  Jayden jumped out to scare him.  John was very happy with the costume, both the choice and the look of it.  I have to say he is not always a fan of the costumes I pick for Jayden.  But this is by far his favorite costume for Jayden.  He said it looks the most real of any Spiderman costume he has seen.  Jayden is able to move easily in the costume and didn't want to take it off.  Poor Evan was a little scared of it.  He didn't mind when the mask was off, but when Jayden had the mask on he ran away from him.  Jayden can not wait until Halloween so he can wear this costume.  His only disappointment is that it does not have a web shooter.  He thinks the costume needs a web shooter so he can shoot webs out like the real Spiderman.  But for now he will just pretend. 

     After receiving this costume I am very happy with my experience at Costume Discounters.  They have a great selection of costumes and even multiples of the same character.  There are so many, cute, funny, and scary costumes to choose from.  Do your kids have their costume for this Halloween already?  What will they be?  What about you?  Are you dressing up?

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  1. What a cute costume my son is going to be Spiderman too, I think the costume we have might be the same one.