Thursday, October 17, 2013

MonkiSee Early Learning DVD Series

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    When Jayden was a baby and even in early toddlerhood he really had not use for television.  He barely even noticed it on.  As he got older of course now he enjoys many shows and movies.  Then along came Evan.  And Evan is so different from Jayden.  Television grabbed Evan's attention from the very beginning.  He is always willing to stop and look at what is on television.  Of course he loves music on any show or commercial.  So I knew right away I wanted to use this to our advantage.  I didn't want him watching nonsense television.  I wanted educational programing.  I mean if he's gonna look anyway, why not make it better for him.  He watches a few educational shows, but those are not always on when we are available to watch television.  So we needed some DVDs to have on hand for those times he is interested in television, but nothing educational is on.  I saw the MonkiSee Early Learning DVD Series and was interested in seeing more.


     I received the whole series of 7 DVDS.  These DVDs have lots of fun, energetic music, poetry, puppets, and real life images.  Each DVD has a focus to teach around a concept or topic.  Howie and Skip are howler monkeys from the jungle of Belize.  They are brother monkey's and love to monkey around while they learn and teach your child.  They attract babies attention to learn about the topic or concept.  The 7 DVD titles include: Baby's First Words, All About Colors, All About Shapes, Around the House, Action Words, Animals At the Farm, and ABC Roundup.

     I put one of the DVDs in and it immediately caught Evan's eye.  He stood in front of the TV just staring at the screen.  He would point at something and made noises.  He was so interested in the show and finally just sat down to watch.  The MonkiSee Early Learning DVD Series has lots or repetition and reinforcement.  Children learn from repetition so by watching them say the word, point to the word, and possibly even act out the word multiple times then you will be contributing to their brain growth. 

     I can't tell you which one is his favorite at the time.  He is equally happy to watch any of the shows.  I really like that the words taught and used are not super simple words.  MonkiSee added some tier 2 words.  Children are gaining more vocabulary and not only that they will be learning higher level vocabulary.  The characters are loveable and easy for Evan to follow. DVDs can be purchased individually or as a complete series.

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  1. This sounds like a cute series of DVDs I had never heard of them before now. My almost 4 year old might be too old for this not sure?