Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Aeromax My 1st Career Astronaut

 I was provided the above mentioned products in exchange for this post.

      I love the imagination of kids.  Kids and imagine anything they want.  They pretend to be someone else or that an object is something else.  I loved using my imagination as a kid.  When I see Jayden off playing and pretending I secretly smile.  I just love watching him.  Often there are a few professions that children love to pretend to be including fire fighter, police officer, teacher, and astronaut I would say top the list.  Aeromax helps kids to take that imagination one step further.  Aeromax has a variety of gear to build on children's imagination.  They have Get Real Gear, My First Career Gear, and Hats & Accessories.

     For the Holiday Gift Guide I was sent the My First Career Astronaut.  This shirt is made to allow a child to feel like a real Astronaut getting prepared for lift off.  The shirt is light weight and easy for little ones to put on and take off.  It has velcro closures.  It has an official NASA Logo and a clear pocket for their name.  This comes with the shirt only, not the hat pictured.

     After we received this I had Jayden try it on.  He is often one to pretend and use his imagination, but not always one to dress up.  Although recently he has liked dressing up.  When trying it on that is when I discovered it is just the shirt and does not include the hat.  Since the boy is pictured with the hat I assumed it was included and no where in the description say the hat is sold separately.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed it did not include the hat.  But this didn't bother Jayden.  He loved running around and "blasting off".  The shirt fits great and will likely last for Jayden for a little while.  The it will be great for Evan as Jayden outgrows it.  This could even be used for a costume dress up situation like Halloween or a costume party.

     Aeromax has many great costumes for babies to children.  They even have some really good life like items.  Jayden still continues to enjoy his Fire Power Super Soaking fire Hose Backpack.  Aeromax also has some fun toys, the Sky Scrapers are Jayden's absolute favorite.  He has actually been playing with them a lot lately and begging to go to the park with them.

Buy it:  My 1st Career Gear Astronaut Shirt

Thank you to Aeromax this post
 I was provided the above mentioned products in exchange for this post. I was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced. disclosure


  1. Boys don't like to hear this but he is a super cutie pie! The shirt is cute and I agree it should have included the hat. Don't have any little ones to wear it, but maybe I'll have some grandkids one day!

  2. My kids love dress up, so this would be a fun addition to their dress up box. It's always nice to have something that's quality enough to pass along to younger siblings!
    I'll be checking out Aeromax!!

  3. Every grandchild of mine love dressing in costume. One of my grandsons has so many. One day he is Spiderman, the next a fireman, etc. This is a real cute Nasa costume on such a handsome little guy