Sunday, December 1, 2013

Casey Our Elf Magic Elf Is Back And Brought A Friend #elfmagic

I was provided a magical reindeer this year to help with this fun adventure. Elf Magic Elves

     We were excited to find that Casey our Elf Magic Elf is back.  It all started the other day when Jayden sat down to write a letter to Santa.  He asked if Casey could come back for a visit again this year.  And by the way, Jayden is doing so well at his writing.  After he wrote his letter we put it in an envelope and mailed it out to Santa.  And when we woke up this morning we found Casey was here and he brought a friend, a magic reindeer.

     Jayden was so excited to see that Santa received his letter and Casey is back.  His face was priceless.. so wish I had my camera ready when he saw him.  He immediately grabbed him off the table and ran to tell his daddy that Casey is back.  John was in the bathroom so he banged on the door and said open up daddy.  And what a great surprise to have a reindeer here to visit too.  They brought along a little book about our magic reindeer so we read it together.  We found out that the reindeer didn't have a name and we needed to name him.  So Jayden began thinking of names.  While Jayden was thinking Evan gave Casey and Rudy both kisses.  Daddy helped him come up with a list and he decided on Rudy.  So we are happy to introduce our new Magical Reindeer friend Rudy.  We are excited to share our time leading up to Christmas with Casey and Rudy.  And hopefully they don't get into too much trouble this year.

     Today we went to meet my photographer friend to take our Christmas pictures and Jayden had to take Casey and Rudy with us.  They got to watch while we took pictures at the park and Casey even snuck into a few.  Rudy was a little shy and didn't get in any.  He is still getting used to our family.  Tonight before bed Jayden helped to get Casey and Rudy a glass of ice water and 2 crackers.  He thought they might be hungry tonight.  We need to get some nuts and berries, because Rudy likes them.  Jayden then carefully sprinkled each Casey and Rudy with the magic sprinkles.  He went to bed wondering where he will find them in the morning.

Looks like Casey and Rudy are up to some mischief.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram as I expect I will be sharing some of their elfcapades there.

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I was provided a magical reindeer this year to help with this fun adventure.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced.  

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  1. That is one of the sweetest stories I have read in a while. It takes kids to make us see the magic sometimes.