Monday, January 20, 2014

Are You Ready For The Superbowl?

     Like many other people we watched the playoffs yesterday.  Jayden had his Superbowl picks that he was hoping to win and to be honest John's picks were not the same.  Jayden was for sure that the Patriots and the 49ers would be the two to go to the Superbowl this year.  He kept saying that the Patriots are good and they get lots of interceptions so they have to win.  When the Broncos won he decided that the Patriots are still good, but maybe the Broncos are good too.  Then came Seattle and the 49ers.  He couldn't say why, but the thought the 49ers would win.  He kept telling his uncle at the beginning of the game that he was wrong for cheering for the Seahawks because the 49ers were going to win.  Of course his pick did not come true.  It was a great game and so close, but both of Jayden's picks were wrong.

      I will admit I wanted it to go the way it did at first.  That is until I hear the rant from Richard Sherman.  Now I know that football players are a lot of talk and all that.  But really I feel like he is just a sore winner. If he is the best then why is this the first I have heard his name?  I do watch football regularly.  We watch every week.  No, I am not a fan of Seattle so maybe I don't pay much attention to the players on that team, but I do know really good players on teams other then the Cardinals.  I don't understand how someone gets it in their head that they are so great and can talk in a way to make people feel bad.  His team won and instead of being a gracious winner he was a sore winner.  I am not even a fan of theirs, but I am ashamed for them.  I really feel bad for the rest of his team for having to deal with him.  It makes me sad that someone that is in his position can not just accept the win graciously.  It is sad that as a parent I have to explain to my children that some people are rude and self centered.  He may be great, but he doesn't need to put others down to be great.  It just makes him look bad.  Needless to say I will be rooting for the Broncos to win the Superbowl.  Now to be honest I planned to root for the Broncos before all this.  But after his rant I am solid in my decision and will not look back.  Who will you be cheering for?  Did Richard Sherman change your mind or make an impression on your decision?

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  1. (Are You Ready For The Superbowl?) I really didn't get to watch the Super Bowl this year. I went up to Wisconsin to visit three of my children that weekend.