Friday, January 3, 2014

Blast into the New Year With the Blast Zone Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park

 I was provided the below mentioned products in exchange for an honest review.   
     There is one thing about living in Arizona that is for sure, our weather is pretty consistent.  It is pretty much warm all the time.  Well, not all the time, but even when its cold it is much warmer then most other places.  Our weather for the past couple of weeks have been hovering around the 70's.  We have even broken a record or two with record highs for this time of the year.  So while everyone else is having a White Christmas and playing in snow, we are here wearing flip flops and enjoying some warm sun light.  When I was given the opportunity to try out the Blast Zone Pirate Blaster Inflatable Water Park I could not turn it down.  With weather like ours in Arizona this is useful just about year round, plus both my boys have summer birthdays and this will be perfect to keep the kids busy and cool at their parties.  

     The Pirate Blaster Water Park is a play park with a water slide and a mini bounce house all in one.  This is the upgraded version of the Pirate Bay Play Park.  It has higher protective walls around the bounce area for added protection.  It also has an inside return path along the slide so players do not have to exit the play area to go up the slide.  The water cannon construction is updated as well as the theme.

Some of the features are:
-  Large 20X12X8 Play Park area
-  Water Slide
-  Two Water Cannons
-  Mini Bouncer w/ safety netting
-  Oversize Splash area
-  Crawl Tunnel
-  Included sprayer assembly w/ flow regulator
-  Breathable Storage Case
-  UL Blower with 25' Cord and GFCI
-  Ground Stakes for both the play park and the blower
-  Fun Pirate Theme

     This inflatable water park  comes with everything you need for fun.  The set up is really easy.  When we received it I had to have my husband mow the back yard first and we had to clear some room.  Our back yard is not very large.  My husband pulled the play park out of the box and spread it out.  We stopped to watch the quick instructional DVD before we continued.  Once we were ready my husband hooked up the blower, tied off the extra air hole, and started it up.  It filled up with air and was set up to go right away.  It was so fast.  I took a short video that shows how quickly it sets up.  I was surprised how fast it was.


     As it inflated my husband went around and added the stakes.  The stakes are a great safety feature as I have heard of too many times that a bounce house has been lifted in the wind and blown away with kids inside.  Although I don't plan to use it during windy weather, you just never know what might all of a sudden start.  We then added the water hose.  After the first set up we realized that this feature should be added before turning on the blower.  This is made for kids and an adult climbing up the slide to attach the hose does not work out too well.  The hose is perfect length for attachment to the slide, hose, and both cannons.  The play park has little velcro tabs all the way around for the hose to attach.  I really like this because then you don't have to worry about a kid pulling on the hose or tripping.  It is kept tight against the play park and out of the way.  The blower attaches easily and is also staked into the ground to keep it in one place.  The cord for the blower is 25' long, making it reach as far as necessary.  It was perfect for our backyard without any pulling.

     Like I said before my backyard is not very big, but this play park fits perfect in the yard.  Once it was all set up to go Jayden sat back and just admired it for a bit.  He is a very cautious child so he had to think about it.  He went in the bounce house area for a bit and crawled through the tunnel.  I love the tunnel as it is another way to get into the bounce house area and back to the slide area.  He tried the cannons and asked me to get in so he can shoot me with the cannons.  Finally he decided he wanted to play in the water.  He was still his cautious self, but really started to get into the fun.  He was playing in the water and using the cannons.  He even used the slide.  Now he can't wait to use this for his birthday party and fun get togethers with his friends.  This water park can hold up to 6 children up to 100 lbs each.  That is perfect for a birthday party.  And with 2 boys with summer birthdays I'm sure we will be getting lots of use out of this.  Plus my nephew has a birthday between them so that makes 3 summer birthday parties to use this summer.

     There are some of the things I really like about this water park.  I like the mini bouncer with safety netting.   I like that there is an option for play if the children do not want to use the slide.  I can see Jayden in the bounce area more then the slide, but as Evan gets older I am betting he will be using the slide mostly.  I like the tunnel just because it is fun to go from the bounce area to the slide so quick and easy.  Plus the kids can avoid getting sprayed by the cannons.  The inside return path makes it nice that the kids do not need to get out and walk around in the grass.  For me this makes it nicer without a big mess.  Getting in and out with wet feet would surely add grass and mud to the water park.  I like the big open splash play area.  This is a great area for adults to enjoy a little water play with the kids and for the little ones too.  Evan is technically too young for this play park, but with close adult supervision he could play in the splash play area safely.  I love that this sets up so quickly.  We all know that kids are not the most patient and a quick set up makes life a little easier.

     When it was time to put away the water park we had to start with draining the water.  My yard is not even so it actually worked out better because the park was tilted towards the side that let the water escape.  To help it along I held the side down and more water drained quicker.  I did have to lift the sides some to get the water to all drain.  It went a little quicker then I expected, which was good.  After I got pretty much all that I could get out I used a towel to soak up the last little bit.  I didn't want any water to get trapped and cause any problems.  I was then able to turn off the blower and allow the water park to deflate.  It deflated just as quickly as it inflated.  Once I was ready I began to fold the play park up myself.  YUP!  I folded it all up and placed in the bag by myself.  As I folded it I used a towel to dry and clean the bottom.  Again I didn't want it to be dirty or wet while in storage.  It folded up with minimal trouble.  I pulled out the storage bag and was skeptical that it would fit, but worked at it anyway.  And to my surprise it did fit and I was able to get it in by myself.  I zipped up the bag and gathered up all the stakes and the hose.

     I can't really say enough about how awesome this thing is.  I definitely think I get the cool mom badge for birthdays and summer year round fun this year.  Blast Zone also sells many other great inflatables including commercial inflatables.  There is so much to choose from.  I'd love to have one of the large bounce houses too.

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