Thursday, January 16, 2014

Its Been Quiet Around Here

     So you may  have noticed that it is really quiet around here.  I just have not been around much.  I started a new job after the new year and although the time is just about the same as my last job I am getting up earlier to leave so I can take Evan to the sitter and drive further to work.  My new job is not as close to the sitter as before.  Plus the adjustment has left me exhausted.  Who knew dealing with teenagers would be just as exhausting as chasing preschoolers.  Ok, maybe everyone knew that.. but I was not ready for it.  I am getting settled into the new job.  So I am hoping once I am settled I will be able to get back to blogging more.  I miss all of you and this blog.  I do have somethings lined up that are coming soon.  Since I started a new job and its like a new me I will be doing a New Year, New Me mini event.  I had been working with my last company for over 16 years so this change really is a new me.  I have some great sponsors lined up.

     Also, you may have noticed that I have not posted winners in a while.  It gets so time consuming to post winners.  I am choosing the winners and posting their names on the Giveaway Tool widget in each giveaway.  I am leaving the link in the sidebar until after I hear from the winner so you can just go to that post and check if you won.  Of course I am also emailing the winners.  I have a couple that I need to pick winners for still.  I won't get that done tonight, but hopefully tomorrow night.  Right now I am tired and need some sleep before facing all those teenagers tomorrow.  Thanks for your understanding everyone.

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