Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Baby Boy Has Croup

     It seems like every time I want to log on and start a post something happens.  I am not trying to ignore this blog, I promise.  It seems like so much going on.  I am still getting situated in my new job.  So much to learn and I hate the feeling of not knowing and being behind.  It is going well, but still going day by day.  Which can be a problem when life as a mom happens.  So I got a call today from Evan's sitter.  She said he was coughing a lot, fever, and not eating.  She also mentioned that he threw up what he had eaten.  She tells me he is fine and she has it taken care of, but wanted me to know.  So here I am in the dilemma that most all working moms face at one time.  Do I go get my baby or do I complete my day at work?  I know I wanted to leave work immediately and go hold my baby.  But the professional in me said he is being cared for and I need to do my job.  Then comes 7th period, my last class of the day.  The sitter calls again.  He is getting worse.  His fever got high and he is still coughing, and throwing up anything he eats.  He won't hardly drink anything.  So here comes the guilt.  I should have left to get him.  But now class just started.  There is no way to get my class covered now.  So I let her know I will be there as soon as class is out.  I complete the class and rush out the door to pick him up.  I make a call to the doctor and the soonest I can get him in anyway is 4:15, which is over an hour away.  So not as much guilt since we can't get in earlier anyway.

     I get to the sitter house and Evan does not look happy.  My poor baby is coughing, runny nose, mess.  He is miserable, but tries to smile and show me things.  We leave and get to the doctors office 15 minutes early in hopes of getting in quick (YEA RIGHT!)  Evan is doing alright and playing with a couple little girls.  And by playing I mean flirting.  He is getting in the baby's face, saying hi, and just being close to her.  When he realizes that she is not walking and only crawls he gets on the floor and crawls with her.  He is such a flirt.. I am in big trouble!

     Finally after 30+ minutes of waiting we are called back.  Then we sit and way even longer in the back.  They were pretty busy.  Our regular doctor was not available so we saw another in the practice.  When she was finally able to see us she immediately though croup upon hearing his cough.  But just to be safe she did a flu and strep test.  Both tests came back negative so Croup it is!  I opted to get the shot instead of the medicine.  Evan wasn't happy, but I was not looking forward to the medicine struggle.  So then we headed home.  Now I'm in that guilty phase again.  I really want to just stay home with him tomorrow, but may go to work.  I do not have my lesson plans ready and don't know what I will do with a sub.  Plus grades and progress reports are due tomorrow.  Which reminds me I need to go work on those!  I will be back soon I promise and I have some great product reviews coming too.

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  1. Awww, poor little guy! Don't worry about us and the blog - take care of your family. :-)